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So very confused...

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It starts with three guys.

One, I have loved from the moment I met him. We are very good friends, but nothing more. He has a girlfriend, and has for longer than we've known each other. I've accepted it is not going to turn into anything more. He knows me better than anyone else, maybe even myself.

A second, I used to have a thing for, back when he wanted nothing to do with me. Now the roles have reversed. He is a hard person to say no to, even though I don't actually feel the same way any longer.

And the third, I work with. I am starting to really like him. He is very sweet, and respectful; addressing his elders as Sir or Miss. I am beginning to wonder if he feels the same, but it is not exactly the time or place to ask when we are working. Also, he is black and my family can be racist. This kid knows very little about me, which I kind of like. I am tired of being treated with kid hands by guys who think I am going to go off myself at any moment.


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Glad you have a handle on the first one. The second one...if the time has past...? But you never know. If you're not interested, I'd say don't encourage him or go along with it no matter how hard it is to tell him no. The third one...Honestly, my gut reaction is that office romance is often dicey to begin with. Can depend on whether there is a company policy on relationships between coworkers. The thing is that if an office romance breaks up, it can be very difficult to continue working with the person. Just something to keep in mind. As for your family's views - you have your own mind and heart, and you know who you like and would accept and who you don't. It is not really their business to make those decisions for you.

Just my 2 cents.
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It is not really an "office" to begin with. I am still in College, so this is just my (our) summer job. There is no policy on relationships, or much of anything. Though it is a small business (only 15 or so workers) it would be relatively easy to avoid someone if you did not want to see them.
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