So. Very. Dumb.

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    So here it starts. A new day.
    I don't understand myself i swear to God.
    I walk into school and i just want to scream.
    I just wanna yell at every one of my friends and ask them seriously ask them how they do not see it.
    How they are so blind.
    Why they don't care.
    But its not their fault i know. Cuz i cant stop myself from lying.
    I cant help but smile. And i laugh. And i make jokes.
    Honestly, i'm a class clown. I make other people laugh too

    And it comes so naturally. I would be a word away from crying, and still. Put that smile on.
    Entertain again.
    And i dont know why i cant be honest
    I wish i could.
    Sometimes i wonder if today someone might accidentally pull up my sleeve.
    And sometimes, i hope they do.
    I know i would hate it though. So i tug my sleeves in my hands
    To be sure.
    I don't know why i cant just be one way. Either wanting people to know, or wanting to hide this for as long as possible.
    Its so easy to hide though.
    much easier than it was.
    Maybe i should just keep it up.
    Until i'm not a minor, and i deal with everything on my own.
    I dont know.

    I just wanna scream.

    But i gotta get to school.
    So let me prepare myself....
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