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So very tired

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I'm really tired of living.

I took <mod edit: bunny - methods> pills around a year ago but I was strapped onto a stretcher and taken to the er where they forced me to drink some black charcoal stuff and throw it all back out. After that, I had to deal with some more shit.

I want to die, but at the same time I'm afraid of dieing. Will there be hell afterwards, or nothing at all? I want rest. I need rest. I think the best way for me to die is if by some drive-by shooting, if I can't do it myself, but the chances of that happening is slim.

I honestly don't know why I'm posting here. I just want somebody to hear me, someone I don't know, before I die.
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You are posting because you want to seek help, you really do not want to die, you just want your troubles and problems to go away, I understand that. You want us to give you some useful advice, help, comfort, its perfectly normal. I'm afraid right now I don't have much to offer you as I too am suffering from your exact same feelings.


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='(.. Live to learn love, happiness and truth.. Find God.. Find peace.. While your alive.

Here if you want to talk x
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