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    This is mostly a rant or whatevs, dunno.

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    So move out.
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    Hey your feeling a little home sick and yes moms support is always good. Hugs just seem make things right. It is hard dealing with an autistic child is there anyway to just get out and be away from him for awhile Get someone to look after him while you get a break. When i get over whelmed i go for a long walk by myself no noise just peace. Tell you bf you are needing time out for you and go for a walk a coffee anything okay take care Give your mom and call maybe that will help too.
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    @@ Fawkes - < mod edit - insulting > I'm only 16 and my boyfriend's mum has become my Guardian because my Mum is in New Zealand. Fucking read it properly. And I can't go to my sister's because we're fighting. Fucks sake, don't you think I've thought of that?

    @@ violet - I can't go anywhere on my own because of "stalkers" and shit here. Seriously, this town is nice and all but I am not risking being attacked...never mind the magpies and butcher birds swooping atm. I don't drink coffee either. And I've told my boyfriend loads that his brother is too much for me to handle, he doesn't care. I've said that. And when I say I need time out he just hangs around anyway. I have no time on my own except when he's at uni or work and no-one's here
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    Please don't called people idiots..they're only trying to help.
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    Then stop bitching about it.

    If you're not willing to fix your situation it's not going to change. Not rocket science.