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So what exactly is the risk?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by IntoTheWoods, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. IntoTheWoods

    IntoTheWoods Guest

    Amongst many academic interests, I am into statistics in a big way. So I was wondering exactly what the risk of suicide is for someone who is having suicidal thoughts.

    Can it be a 30% - 75% risk - or as there are only 2 possible outcomes i.e.either you will or you won't, is it really measurable / predictable. Outcome related to method may be more predictable, I guess some methods are bound to be more successful than others.

    Why am I asking?

    Well here I am having these crap thoughts about suicide - pretty constant and involving strong images and also rationale / justification and I wonder whether this means I am truely at risk or not.

    If I had decided to I wouldn't be posting on here - I would just go and do it wouldn't I? So I guess the reaons why I am here is because I haven't made a decision to. So I just don't want to come on here going on about it and wasting everyone's time and looking for some sympathy vote, if I am not really at risk. How do I know if I am or not? Is there something different about the thougths I have when compared with someone who makes a serious attempt? I am so stuck in a loop right now.
  2. GreyCat

    GreyCat Well-Known Member

    Addressing your suicidal feelings is not a waste of time or an effort to get a sympathy vote. Do not downplay how you are feeling because it isn't normal or healthy to be preoccupied with suicide and it's something that needs to be addressed. Everyone who kills themselves started out by thinking of it, and it only takes one particularly intense moment of despair to make an attempt to do it. Pay attention to how you are feeling, and see what you can do to get the help you need. x
  3. IntoTheWoods

    IntoTheWoods Guest

    88Deex - thank-you so much for your post - I can't tell you how much that has helped me in having a better perspective - suicidal thoughts have become totally normal to the extent that I can't understand why my T slows me down when we come near to discussing my "near misses" - you are right though it isn't normal or healthy to be preoccupied wiith suicide is it?.
  4. GreyCat

    GreyCat Well-Known Member

    It isn't what one should expect from life. Being suicidal means theres something wrong that needs to be fixed, thats how I feel about it in myself anyway. How to fix it, of course is the big question... it's good that you are in therapy though. I think really a person(you, me, everyone on this site) deserves to feel better than suicidal in life, and feeling that way is something that should be addressed instead of ignored or subdued or downplayed...
  5. Null

    Null Well-Known Member

    Wow, your post is so profound... my mind is blown.... I guess that's because I'm pretty much in the same boat. I'm not suicidal per-say but I think about it everyday. I know its bad when I reach what I think is a "Super Rational" state (so rational it irrational?). Everything becomes so black or white, so right or wrong... every past action measured, tallied, weighed. I always reach the same conclusion, but I have a feeling its due to the fact I can never reach a truly rational state.

    Also with regards to statistics, I think it would be "simple" thing to measure on paper... but so many people are stoic... will not (or cannot?) answer truthfully... I'm sure you could calculate some sort of tolerance for that when creating your results. My personal guess is it would be pretty low. I think lots of people have these thoughts... but rarely act on them (with in reason).

    Also I think 88DEEX gave very good advice... Addressing your feelings is always beneficial in the long run. I hope you find what your seeking, and know others are on the same journey, so you are not alone.
  6. IntoTheWoods

    IntoTheWoods Guest

    Hi AnonymousRandonCoward - the last time someone said I had written something profound was my anthropology lecturer at university...wonder if my minds ability to be profound contributes to this place I am stuck in now? I want to say it is good to hear someone who knows how it is for me - but actually I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

    So maybe I am left with thinking my risk is low otherwise I wouldn't be here - wonder what changes to increase it. I don't want to leave my children motherless and I just gert scared that my brain will take over control of me and I will not be able to pull back so am wanting to really understand the signs that this may be happening, while I still feel there is an element of choice.

    Thanks for taking the time to post - hope you are having a peaceful day - Soup
  7. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    I love statistics. It's important to get them from very reliable sources.

    Here's one of the best I saw, from the National Institute of Mental Health. There's so much information on this page I'm not even going to copy it in here:


    According to the American Psychological Association:


    Those are overall trends coming from a wide variety of studies. I don't think there's anything wrong with being analytical about life and death and probabiliity, that's just science. I agree with the above poster who said it's important to not view yourself as a statistic, I fall into that pattern myself sometimes.
    As far as success of individual methods, I can't really recommend that because sharing info on methods here will get you moderated. Also, I would worry about you studying that kind of thing, Ithink there's a difference in understnding suicide overall and considering your options... please be careful.

    From Center for Disease Control

  8. IntoTheWoods

    IntoTheWoods Guest

    Thanks for those links, some really interesting stats - like highest risk linked to jobs is male psychologists, also psychiatrists - wonder if they select these occupations to learn more about themselves, to cure themselves.

    I think I am still stuck with am I at risk or not - can I continue to maintain myself or do I need to consider some other type of help alongside my therapy. Maybe such thoughts are just a necessary but not sufficient condition for a serious attempt?
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