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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by UnitExtant, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. UnitExtant

    UnitExtant Active Member

    Well I've learned through the years of my young life that once you've done all you wanted that there doesn't seem to be a point in doing anything else, especially if the reason is idiotic. I'm 17, but I feel 30. I've payed bills, i have a job. Life isn't hard, it's casual and easy. I've had major accidents, and done self harm in my past. I say i feel 30 because i just don't know what else i should do. people tell me to find religion to seek a new adventure in my life. Yet they know i will never believe in religion until i see the deity for myself.I Believe from seeing and doing. My major question is now what? I've never been sex crazy, what do we as human beings do once we've achieved the goals in our lives? every time i set a new goal i get it easily. Ive even set hard goals like saving money to a certain point and that was simple.

    At times i say depression made me weaker, but as i look back on my past, it's done nothing but make me stronger. So what now?:mellow:

  2. jnine

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    Hello UnitExtant/Joe,

    perhaps you could help others :)
  3. UnitExtant

    UnitExtant Active Member

    Always have.
  4. Save the

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    Go to Lappland and save the wolves

    Thank you
  5. shades

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    You should sek "Self-Actualization", a term used in sociology I believe in which one seeks to find themselves by helping humanity as a whole. THere is much more to it but I am not an expert in the field. I simply remember it from a class as the ultimate goal in one's life.

    Welcome to SF.
  6. Stranger1

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    Try saving up and traveling to different countries.. You won't beleive the beauty that is out there.. I have been to five different countries and the old castles were magnificent..I've also been to 12 different states..One goal I still have is to see the Grand Canyon... You just need to use your imagination.. I'm sure there are still things you could do that would give you enjoyment.. I do recommend if you travel to different countries to take someone with you or go by one of the tours.. Safety in numbers..
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