So what one in my pisition can do?

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    I am 24 years old guy
    never finished school due to depression which later was diagnosed
    as bi-polar disorder. the only support i ever received from my family
    was basic financial support (3 meals a day + bed + a roof over my head)
    they also give me some money on medications yet I can only afford
    1 type of pills while I need at least 3 (mood stabilization, anti anxiety and concentration enhancement)
    without all 3 I cant do much of anything
    I barely sleep at night, cant go outside for longer then 1 hour,
    cant spend time with friends due to anxiety and social stress
    and cant enjoy much of anything as i am always stressed

    my dad, who is basically leading the family with his private business
    got some big issues as well, he dont have any friends at all due to paranoia
    he is also very anti-social which makes even the simplest conversations into a fight

    he is constantly pressing me to be more active
    and while i cant, he then sort of psychologically abuses me
    saying that i am just lazy who abuses his mental issues so that i wont do anything
    he constantly pushing me to merry some girl and thinking that she will
    financially support me and take care of me (give me the feeling that he want to get rid of me)

    I cant work, dont have any money so i cant help myself
    while living under constant pressure and fights
    i feel like i am locked in a box struggling for air on daily basis
    i feel lost and see no other solution then suicide
  2. There are programs available to help people who can't afford psychiatric medicine. I don't know where you live — what country even —*but in America at least there are Patient Assistance Programs offered by drug companies to provide free or low-cost medicine.

    There is a non-profit organization called NeedyMeds that helps connect patients with these programs. You might also try a site called RxAssist, and I am sure there are others.

    There are almost certainly other free resources available to you, perhaps including counseling, to help get you through this time.Your area may have a free clinic or a community health center that offers mental health care, or where you can be directed to such care.

    I know it's hard when you don't have the care you need and when family doesn't understand what you’re dealing with. But please hang in there, and if your back is up against the wall, call a suicide hotline.

    Stay in touch!
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    Thanks for the links.
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