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    Things are pretty difficult at the moment...Worried about this year and getting a job :( I don't know when I'll even find one. I had an interview on friday, they said I was one of four that got interviewed out of 150 but yes I got that rejection call...I'm worried that I'm going to have alot of phone calls like that before I even find a job (rejection really gets to me). I'm not asking for any *special* kind of job. All I want is a 9-5 type job from mon-fri. Even part time. But what also sucks is that alot of people I know are starting new things like courses and I'll just be stuck at home browsing the internet looking for jobs :( they'll all be out there meeting new people and doing new things but nooooo look at me I'm just sitting at home browsing the internet for jobs - that will be my occupation for some time I think. I'm so worried that I usually have no trouble at all falling asleep but now I stay awake for at least 30 mins thinking about all of this and it's really starting to get to me. I feel like a loser stuck in this trap. I don't want to talk to people about it too much because then I'll just end up driving them away because that's the last thing I need :(

    It really hurts :(

    I had to write it and I didn't know where else to put it...
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    I'm sorry you're worried about getting a job, I sucks until you get the job, but you're looking so you're bound to find the right type of job for you...

    rejection can be hard, especially when it hurts, but job rejection aren't personal, it could be tons of reason why they didn't pick has nothing to do with something being wrong with you....never think that...

    I hope you don't mind me saying these, I don't mean to be hurtful or mean...just telling you what I think...I'm super sensitive and so I understand how hard it is to be rejected by anything...

    good luck job hunting
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    Maybe you can take courses too, like what the others are doing as this can improve your chances of getting a job. You aren't a loser at all. Rejection is part of life and since you were one of the four who got interviewed, you're better than the 146 people who didn't even get an interview! Keep trying and you'll eventually be able to get a job. Good luck!
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    i've been laid off recently because of my depression. so i will also have another year or two.. or even more of misery looking for work. and work that I can't even hold on to for mmore than a year.

    Keep looking though, things will look up.. :D
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    You know what it does hurt those rejection calls but after my son got rejected so many times you know what he got the best job ever and he was happy the others rejected him. That job is out there waiting for you don't get to down on you okay I hope you find one soon hugs