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    Who actually cares? Nobody gives a fuck, and that's a sad thing about this society, and my so called friends. Not one of any of them could really give a flying monkeys left bollock. Oh yeah, cause Melissa's just in one of her moods again, don't worry, she'll be fine. Well no, I fucking wont. There are very very few of my *friends* that give a fuck. Who cares that Melissa is depressed? Nobody. Who cares if Melissa wants to fade away? Nobody. Don't even know why I post on here, it's just a complete waste of my fucking time. It's a complete fucking waste of my time getting dragged down by certain *friends* who obviously couldn't care less about how I feel when they message me and tell me that they're about to end their life, or how they've cut themselves. Fuck everybody.
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    :sad: :hug:
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    i care :hug: