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    today's my confirmation.
    a step in the whole religious life er w/e
    and honestly i don't wanna go, i don't wanna do it, and i'm more confused about faith in my life and my life in general anyway
    and i hate the huge lie :dry:

    my brothers goin to prison. hes gonna miss my confirmation, like he misses everything else, he's not gonna call or text me like he promised. he's just gonna go to prison and expect a visit.
    and my whole family expects me to, too. wtf?!

    and then apparently i'm a bad family member if i don't wanna go.
    fuck that. like you guys come to anything. like you guys give a 2 fuckin cents.
    i'm so tired of holding shit together and then getting blamed for everything wrong, and having people take shit out on me

    fuck this shit.
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    i feel ya, chica :sad:
    i know how it is :hug:
    hang in there, sweets. you're tough :wub: