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    fucking people
    cuz you know you give and you love and you're there for them
    and they dont give a fuck
    they dont care in the end. nope they really dont. they say they do. they promise things. they promise to try.
    promises mean shit
    life means shit
    my brother left again. you know, he said he was trying. we went to fucking family counselor meetings just FOR him. we tried to tip toe around his anger outbursts like the counselor said to do
    fucking going in debt from paying off his court fines and medications while he sits on his lazy ass
    and then he leaves
    doesnt tell us where he goes to. just leaves. to his drugs, his "friends" his whatever. probably be dead or in jail by tomorrow.
    but like i'll know anyway right?
    and its just like everyone else of my friends
    like i said they promise things
    they say to trust them
    and it means nothing.
    theres no hope
    fuck this