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I got a job interview invitation today... terrified much :hiding: :puke:

I've never done one before and anyone who knows/has read stuff about me will understand more. Does anyone have any good advice for me? its in just under 2 weeks time. And yes I know by applying for jobs that this is a possibility but getting to the stage of applying was hard, now its the next step, this is harder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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I have been on many interviews and conducted them myself...I you would like to practice the dialogue with me, please PM me...it would be my pleasure...J

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I've been offered every job I've ever interviewed for - my secret? Tell myself I don't really want the job that much. Even if it's one I really want, pretending to myself that I'm not that fussed makes me more relaxed and therefore able to think clearly and engage more with the interviewer.

Definitely take Sadeyes up on the offer of practice, it will really help. Also, find out everything you can about the company; demonstrating knowledge of what they do and how they work shows them that you're serious about the job.

My only other piece of advice would be to be honest. There's no point pretending that you can do something you can't, or acting like you're someone else. I'm not saying bare your soul, just don't change who you are to get the job, because in the long run it won't pay off. You won't be who they thought they were employing, and it'll make things difficult. On the other hand, feel free to brag a bit about things you know you are good at! For example, I know I can pick things up really quickly, so I make sure I tell them that. Play on your strengths.

Good luck! Believe in yourself!

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Hey practice does help i do hope you take Sadeyes offer up Also get good rest night before okay so you don't look to tired interview. Pretend your just talking to a friend eat well before going in to okay give your mind some food to help your thinking You can do this okay they see something in your resume they liked so just be you as said and do the best you can Good luck


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Make sure you dress approperately.. Try and smile.. Be honest with your answers.. Play up your strengths.. Good Luck!!


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thank you all for the advice :hug: i have just been out for several hours shopping (i hate shopping :laugh: ) helping bf's mum buy her wedding outfit for her other son's wedding and then bought me a smart outfit for my interview so thats sorted.

I have a written test before the interview too. Today I had a meeting and told the guy there as he works in the uni and is like a mentor to me, i can email him tomorrow and he will give me some tough practice questions etc and some links to some useful information relavent to the post. Two other people in the meeting also gave me loads of advice and encouragement which was great, one thing was to contact the careers place for a mock interview so i will contact them tomorrow as well. - I want to be as prepared as i can possibly be for this!

And i will take you up on that Sadeyes, that is very kind of you :smile:


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*Is jealous that you got an interview :(

I get nervous too, and anxious for those kinds of things. I've been applying to jobs recently too, and haven't gotten any replies back. It makes me feel depressed.

I hope that when you do go, that you're successful; because it does feel really bad to go to an interview and come home thinking that you probably didn't get the job.

What may help you, is to carefully re-read over the original job description that you applied for and to pick apart each thing, and learn about it; so that if you are asked about your capabilities, you can reference it back to the job position.

Also, there are certain questions that are common in interviews, one of them for example is the question asking where you see yourself in X amount of years, or what you future goals/plans are. You can prepare for the interview by researching those questions and knowing the answers (your answers) in advance.

Finally, if the company has a website, or has had other job postings (you can find it by using the email listed in the original job posting that you replied to, usually the email is that of a company member; and I can always find more than one job posting from that email address to give me a broader idea of the company). If the company has a website, look at it, and see what they say they are about, what services they provide, and get a good idea of what they are all about.

Knowing these things; since it sounds like you have a while to prepare; can help you feel more at ease. I find that the less I know about something, the more nervous I am. Like if I don't know what they will ask, or don't really know what the company does; or the position still is vague etc...that I am really nervous.

It's like a test, if a person didn't study beforehand, of course they will feel nervous going in and trying to pass. But if they studied they will feel less nervous, and will have fewer questions to be stuck on. Same thing here; learn as much as you can about these things before the company so that you can go in and not have a blank mind or so that you know what you're talking about more; and thus could talk more confidently.


That puking smiley made me smile....though it was shocking; it was rather effective in conveying your anxiety!
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Hey Hannah,

I read "The First Sixty Seconds," a book about how to have a successful job interview. It is fine but I did not find it to be impeccable, because there is no perfect science to performing well in interviews. When it comes down to it, you don't know exactly what is being asked if you, but you can tie in your strengths when it comes to answering the questions that are asked. I think it is important to make yourself believe that you are truly right for the job. And don't worry about making mistakes. Once you get the hang of going on interviews, you will always be prepared, because you'll have a good idea of what you want to say each time, and you will have had experience speaking about your strengths.

Oh, also, don't forget to say that you are available immediately, if they ask. That is very important.


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Thank you, this is all very encouraging.

Mrow you must have a gift if you got every job, that's pretty amazing. Try not to let not having any interview requests recently put you down - in the present economic climate there are large numbers of people looking and applying for work so keep at it, hopefully you will get a break through, and once you snap up an interview your track record says they will snap you up :wink: I am having major pangs of worry, but I have started my preparations, so hopefully come the day, even though i will still be very nervous I will have the preparation to back me up. That's the plan anyway. It's how I have always been with exams no matter how prepared I am, I would still freak out quite alot... I am trying not to tell many people in real life as it adds to the pressure...

Thanks des - even if i don't get the job this will be good practice for me, I need to start somewhere. So, i will try to remember this. The people yesterday were very positive about it and they are already employed there. So, I shall work hard the next few days, and give it my best shot, trying not to let the panick take over :laugh:


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well i have started preparing, sent emails etc and sorted out what i want to go over before the day. However, its the weekend now so i have to wait for replies to my emails... seems like this thing thats so urgent for me is put on hold for far to long, stupid weekends. I have major i suppose they would be butterflies, such a weird feeling of worry and dread in my stomach. I am trying to remind myself that its ok if I don't do brilliantly, because there will be other opportunities and its not vital I get this job. However, its my stupid mentality like I had with my exams, where I have to do the very best I can, I don't know where the bar is for that but it must be pretty high but also with presentations, where it wasn't so much the worry of getting a bad mark but the actual standing up speaking in front of people. This consists of both types, a test followed by an interview. Thoughts race through my mind; like is it really worth me doing interviews if it causes this much pain? ..... I shall use this emote again as it expresses how I feel right now :puke:
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