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  1. Ajean

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    I've been trying to keep busy... I enrolled in the only open literature class at the local community college. And, of course, the migraines got so bad that on the second day of class I blacked out and woke up on the floor.
    And now not only am I embarassed every time I walk into class but I have so little brain power left these days that I can't make it throught a single page of the first book of the semester without completely forgetting what I've been looking at. I don't understand any of it. And theres some presentation crap that I dont understand and guess who has to go on the very first day? no exceptions... yup.

    And my family wants nothing to do with me...
    And I haven't heard from any of my 'friends' in at least a month...

    I had to walk 6 miles at 2 in the morning last week to go to the hospital pharmacy (the emergency/ hospital discharge one) to get my anti depressants because even though i had asked for weeks for someone to take me, no one would and the withdrawls were getting so bad they were making me fall over.

    I'm just so tired of everything...
    I'm so tired of being broken...
  2. AlienBeing

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    I've read through your posts. It doesn't look like you've tried Botox. I suffered from bad migraines for many years but since I started getting Botox injections every 4 months I haven't had a single one in 10 years. You need to find a headache and pain specialist that does it. I'm in Canada. I found mine by simply seeing an ad in the yellow pages under physicians advertising a headache and pain clinic. I called and they took me without referral. I was lucky, very lucky because they also don't charge me for the actual botox and the rest is covered by Medicare. You may have to work a little harder for it. Do what I did, look in the yellow pages. If that brings no results try googling headache and pain doctor and your hometown. If they won't take you without referral go to your family physician and ask for a referral. You can also ask if the doctor knows anyone they can refer you to. Keep asking around for Botox treatment. You can google that too. It's a well known treatment. I can't believe with all the trouble you've had no one has offered it to you. Where do you live, somewhere in the third world or something? Also was your MRI OK?
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