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  1. Sobriety

    So this is recovery
    Trapped in sobriety
    like I was trapped in the bottle
    Life is more empty than before
    when I was killing myself slowly
    For all the pain
    it is still here and stronger
    than before
    And time moves
    like a pendulum
    that shifts indiscernibly
    Almost stopped
    Torturing me slowly through time
    that won’t empower me
    but steals my sanity
    in slow increments
    just like when I was drinking
    And there is no pride in abstinence
    when the old demons, depression,
    and all that has stolen my strength
    return in these days
    with no relief;
    No purpose, no meaning,
    no reason,
    but going through the motions
    of trying to return to normal,
    when normal is a farce
    we invented
    and took all too seriously
    I scoff at your Higher Power,
    for you see,
    mine left some time ago,
    which was why
    I tried to escape from Hell
    in the first place
    any way I knew how,
    though I found myself
    in a new one…

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.