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Social anxiety is tipping me over the edge

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Hysteric, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Hysteric

    Hysteric Member

    Hi, sorry if this is being posted in the wrong section, I just desperately feel like I need to talk to someone who is in a similar situation to me right now.

    No matter what I do, social anxiety follows me everywhere. I feel paranoid about leaving the house, and talking to even those closest to me through fear of how they will perceive me. I know there is technically nothing wrong with me, and I am "normal", I am not under any illusions. But it just so happens that I genuinely dislike myself a lot. I guess there are a few people on this forum who can relate to that feeling.

    Does anyone else here suffer from this horrible disorder? It's ruining me and I feel too tired to carry on.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I used to suffer from horrible paranoia and distrust...it filtered how I interacted with people and how much I needed to be alone...for me, talk therapy and medication have been successful...have you considered seeking care?
  3. Hysteric

    Hysteric Member

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I've had therapy in the past (around two years ago now). It was kinda for a different thing, something related to social anxiety. But at the time, I was so embarrassed about admitting it, that I used another anxiety related problem to mask it. I realise that this was such a waste of money and professional resources now. I wish I could go back two years and change how I handled that, It feels so pathetic looking back on it now.

    I feel so much better when I am alone. There is no pressure to act in a certain way, or to be engaging and interesting. I always feel like I have to put on an act when I am around people. It's horrible and makes me feel like such a fake. Even when I am around people that I like, I either crumble or I go all silent, and begin to think they want rid of me because I am so "boring" and "shy". It's so depressing.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi to too have to put on that mask that everything is okay and it is hard hun so hard. I do hope perhaps you can reopen the therapy but this time talk about what is truly affecting you so you can get help you need okay hun to get you less anxious I have found medication to help some as well just a small dose but i feel less conscience about myself on it. You just need help hun to be comforable with who you truly are hugs
  5. Cpt-Fantastic

    Cpt-Fantastic Banned Member

    Hey Hysteric, 2 years is not long ago. Can you reach them again and ask to schedule an appointment? Dont worry if it wasn't perfect the first time around, we all make mistakes. Expect to make mistakes; nothing important will be accomplished if you only make "safe" decisions.
  6. Hysteric

    Hysteric Member

    I do really want to do the therapy thing again, but I'm so worried the effect it will have on my parents. They are wonderful people and I feel like I horribly disappoint them. I had the initial therapy just after leaving school, when everything became so unbearable for me. Two years, and I have not progressed at all. I know I should speak to them, but they have seemed so positive about me moving my life forward recently, that this will just feel like a huge step backwards.
  7. Cpt-Fantastic

    Cpt-Fantastic Banned Member

    Sometimes we take a step backwards just to leap forward, this is one of those times. Getting help with your social anxiety will boost your life and will be better for you in the long run.
  8. Hysteric

    Hysteric Member

    I know you are right. It sounds so self-indulgent and selfish to say this, but I don't think anything can solve my problems.
  9. rv498

    rv498 Well-Known Member

    I've had social anxiety since I was 15 (39 now). It became part of me. People are not interested in me and so be it. As long as I am comfortable within my private space, I just don't care. I feel better that way but my psychologist doesn't agree. I don't really like her anyways. I feel less depressed now after reading more philosophy books and doing more exercises and reducing my food intake. Try them, they might work for you too.
  10. meme333

    meme333 Well-Known Member

    I suffer from social anxiety.
    It's awful. The simplest things seem so very difficult.
    So I do so understand your situation.
    Feel free to chat with me anytime

    You won't disappoint anyone getting help and could help yourself and that's what matters in the end.
  11. letty

    letty Banned Member

    Social anxiety has held me back from doing so much, I even find it difficult being around my own family at times. getting on the city bus is a challenge. your not alone.
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