Social Anxiety Medication and Therapy?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Just"That"Guy, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Just"That"Guy

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    I was on the website for social anxiety the other day reading about different medication that helps, along with the different therapies available. Is there anyone with social issues who has tried any of this?
    Did you work it out on your own?
    I personally don't see how medication can help, I guess the concept might just be too hard to grasp. I thought, while reading, maybe it would be a good idea to consider the therapy, but I don't know if i want to. That's so embarrassing and the thought of being one-on-one like that is scary, and when i play it out in my head I feel I would be humiliated. I found a book I thought I might want to buy about social phobias and dealing with SA but I'm not sure about it. I guess reading a little wouldn't hurt. I just don't want to drown myself in reminder, but I guess I do that all day everyday at school anyway so it'd probably be okay.
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    The medication reduces some of the secondary symptoms of social anxiety disorder (e.g. the anxiety) which has been found to be very helpful. And yes, there are several methods of treatment that have been found to be quite effective to which increases the social discourse skills while reducing the fear...hope you find something that is good for you
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    my doctor gave me paxil 10mg, i went home and did some reading and was too scared to take it, so i decided to tough it out. things got better but latly i cant even go to work :( i still have the paxil i may just take it. im just wonderign what your symptoms are?

    and i must agree with you 1 on 1 would be very hard,its hard to imagine someone could really understand
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    I was on Atarax a while back when I was institutionalized after having serious attacks. If I remember what my doctor said about the medication it was not unlike a beefed up benadryl. The side effects of it were just drowsiness.

    I'm unsure of other medications involved as I've not seen a doctor in regards to my own panic attacks and anxiety issues for a few weeks, and I've not been able to take medication during that time due to me moving back home with my family (I was at a military hospital during the time I was on the medication.)

    As for what other medications that they use for this, I'm unsure, to be honest. I've never really looked into the medications available. I've not got much of a mind for that stuff anyway.
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    I have social anxiety disorder and take sertraline for it and it works wonders for me
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    I have anxiety disorder (severe), so severe that I couldn't leave my house for years. But I've overcome it so I guess my story is a success story. What helped me was medication at first, mainly xanax and valium, they reduced the symptoms unbelievably. I was able to leave my house again for short periods of time. Then in 2009 I engaged in talk therapy which helped even more. In 2010 I had a relapse and made a suicide attempt and was hospitalised and I've been getting ongoing care and treatment since then. I've just started psychotherapy and new sleeping pills along with an increased dose of benzodiazepines (xanax). Trust me, try the medication and therapy route, your symptoms should decrease a lot then. I wish you the best, good luck xox