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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by kidA, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. kidA

    kidA Member

    I posted this on the medication and treatment forum but it seems kind of slow there...

    I have social anxiety disorder and my doctor prescribed Prozac. For about three days, it was working wonders. The only way I can describe it was that I felt perfectly balanced. Not really happy, just balanced. It's either been up OR down for the past two years, and nowhere in between - so i thought it was working.

    Until friday.

    I was at work and there was a phone call. I answered it to help the customer, and out of nowhere I started feeling intensely afraid. That feeling did not subside for the rest of the day. After I left work, I went up to my friend's college to visit for the weekend. We were sitting around drinking a bit, and the feeling got worse. Ever since that day I've been having severe suicidal thoughts and I don't really know what to do.

    Friday was the last day I took Prozac, because I think it might have actually made my anxiety worse. But now I don't know what to do. I'm afraid to go to work, and I'm afraid to be around friends - people that I've known for years. This kind of thing has been on and off ever since the end of high school, but the extremes are getting worse. So in other words, I'll be intensely afraid of friends and work, or very very happy to be at work and around people.

    I don't really know why or how this developed. Because of it, the only person I'm close to anymore is my twin brother - he's the only one i'm comfortable around. Everyone else, even those I've known for years and year - I have anxiety around them. And I hate these ups and downs. Just when I think something is better, it's suddenly twice as bad as it ever was.
  2. Ampacity

    Ampacity Active Member


    Prozac has alot of side effects and this is one of them :"most drugs such as Prozac can actually worsen your symptoms and cause these withdrawal problems". I'd take this problem to my doctor, personally i refused any type of medication for my treatments. Just hang in there it'll be alright
  3. ihope2die

    ihope2die Active Member

    i use to take prozac, and it did nothing. I am now on lexapro and that doesn't do anything either. Im pretty sure nothing will help me, so thats why im going to commit suicide a couple days before school starts again.
  4. kidA

    kidA Member

    i don't even know what to do. i want to just call off work tomorrow but i have a feeling they're not going to just let it slide this time, i just called off a week ago. but i can't do it anymore. i can't go in and pretend i'm good with people because i'm not. but at the same time i have to work because i have to save money for college...which i don't even want to go to because of the social environment...
  5. ihope2die

    ihope2die Active Member

    i quit my job. my parents were/are dissapointed in me, i thought i had another, i don't. i don't think i can make it another year in high school. i hope too die, very soon.
  6. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    KidA,If you really feel you can't go into work then don't force yourself try to explain to them you aren't well and even if you have to make something up I know it's a lie but.Next of all and perhap's immediately if you haven't call your Dr asap and tell him/her what's happening with you,I took Prozac for a while and it did nothing for me then again pretty much all the drug's I've taken have had that effect.

    ihope2die,you sound like you're in a fair bit of trouble yourself what's going on with you?Please try to hang on I'm here fro you both if you like.
  7. swimmergirl

    swimmergirl Well-Known Member

    Call your doctor right away, don't try and fix this by yourself, you don't have to, your doctor can help you through this, it sounds like a fairly common reaction to prozac, you might want to ask for anti anxiety meds instead, or a combination of anti depressants and anti anxiety meds....but call your doctor and get in to see him as soon as possible. don't wait, you are worth it.
  8. kidA

    kidA Member

    now that it is 2am and i have to get up at 7 there is certainly no way i'm going...but i don't know what to do, i don't feel up to explain this to my parents...i already explained to my doctor what was going on and it didn't help...i've been in therapy (well, 2 free sessions at school) and that didn't help at all...i'm running out of ideas and i'm really just getting sick of trying...
  9. ihope2die

    ihope2die Active Member

    kidA you sound like me. i was suppose to go to soccer practice, and obviously im not going to. i don't think i even care about letting ppl down, i suck anywayz. i hate my life, im ugly, suck at a sport i've played for 10yrs, parents like my sister more than me. but kidA least you have a job, you'll do alright, you can get another. and you can get a new doc i guess. idk, try to find something, sorry if im no help...
  10. kidA

    kidA Member

    i do appreciate your words and i can definitely identify with your playing a sport for that long and not being good. i played baseball for 10 years and was never good. i was felt like i was an outcast at games and practices and like no one really wanted me there. after all the time of playing i never got better, i was always in games for as few innings as possible, and they always put me in right field when i would have preferred second base. peers were no help at all.

    you are right though, i can always get another job, but the thing is it's not that i don't like this job, i just feel so stressed about it that i just can't do it right now. and i can't just keep calling off because i know i will sooner or later be fired.

    and should i come around and feel better, what will my coworkers think when i go into work finally? and ask me what was wrong? i think they can already tell that i have anxiety problems and get nervous and depressed, so there wouldn't be any use lying to them...
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