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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by IDKwhatIwant, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. IDKwhatIwant

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    Ive always been shy, but I still use to have friends. Once I turned 18 and moved, I just cant seem to make friends. I dont fear them, because I work with them at work... but I just dont see the point in being friends. I would then have to trust them. I would then have to do things with them. I want the bound that comes from a relationship, but I dont want the trust and activities. Its lead me into an internet addiction, as my only friends in life are through online communities, and live far away. I like knowing about their lives, I like helping, and talking to them. But theres no trust. I dont go into their homes, I dont set next to them, I dont meet their families. This online friendship is what I want though, but I regret it also. Ive tried in the past to kick the online addiction, and move into reality with real people. But I just cant seem to do it. which makes me frustrated and I bring it online. If I mix the two, to quit coming online, I have nothing.
  2. mdmefontaine

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    hey..... i am not sure that i have any social anxiety. . i am shy when i don't know people. . .but my therapist just told me thursday that i am '''likeable'' and easy to make friends with! (i am in a '''relatively new''' location)

    in this 'strange' place. . i have made friends here, at s.f. that are really good friends. and i communicate with my old friends (the place i'll soon be moving back to) via internet. so. i have to say that internet friends are still really good friends. i would hate to think of leaving behind my internet friends. .. (people here. . .)

    i think ultimately - it is good to have both. . . it may even be that you can meet friends, in real life, that you have originally known, only on the internet.(no matter what the age. . .of course. . . it is important to be safe when you meet someone you've only known on the net ) ((((mother hen in me , talking))) that would be a start to having BOTH kinds of friends.

    (for me now, my internet friends are even closer than my real life ones, because they are just '''more there''' for me.....) so yes, friends on the net are indeed, better than no friends hun . .. ((((hugs))))
  3. Angelo_91

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    i feel the same, it feels so pointless to make friends that will just run away in the end once they find out how boring you are
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