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Social vs. Religious vs. Scientific Obligations

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Now, I would like to hear some opinions on this matter. I am having trouble meeting both social and religious obligations because they seem to contradict each other.

Social obligations:

Obtaining items, money, similar hobbies, and status to attract a mate capable of counteracting my genetic downsides. This includes finding ways to fix my scars and looks or at least compensate for them in some way.

Religious obligations:

Not becoming a victim of wants and materialism, but still required to spread my seed by finding a good mate.

Social obligation 2:

Losing my virginity to overcome sexual repression and fears.

Religious obligation 2:

Losing my virginity after marriage, despite having less experience and a poorer sex life because of a lack of practice.

Social obligation 3:

Drinking to have fun, gambling, and partaking in social functions that are in many ways pagan.

Religious Obligation 3:

Taking part in society and laws as long as those areas do not count as pagan rituals or are contradictory to God's laws. Drinking is not against God's law. Gambling is though.

Scientific Obligation (for part 3):

Taking care of the body. So drinking minimal amounts. Taking part in society under peer pressure to a degree to lessen social anxiety, or being true to oneself to live in happiness according to individualistic psychological manuals in the west.

These are just a few, and there are a large number of contradictory ideas that just cause my brain to stop. I've realized that these cannot hold up. In some ways, people end up justifying their own ways until it gets in the way of what they want. Then they change. Of course, giving into wants is in a way detrimental to religious views. Nothing seems to mesh properly, and it is confusing the hell out of me. Either I come up for excuses or adopt views that allow for these to peacefully coexist, or I end up cutting out certain areas from my life cold turkey.
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You are lacking personal "obligations." What do you want to do for yourself irrespective of religion or social standing? Anything come to mind?


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You are lacking personal "obligations." What do you want to do for yourself irrespective of religion or social standing? Anything come to mind?
I want to do tons of things, but I can't. I want to make comic books and video games, but supposedly art is creation of idols if not for God. Socially it doesn't make enough money to support families and scientifically I'm not skilled enough at it.


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clever post.

do what you FEEL is the right thing. you need to sleep at night.

don't think too much. you only live once.

oh, and fuck society. most of the time, they are stupid. i hope you don't live in LA. social rules are crap. for example:

social obligation: wear nice shoes when going out to bars/clubs/etc. preferably heels
personal: fuck that shit. i'm wearing my COMFORTABLE tennis shoes

social obligation: drive nice car to look cool
...also, fuck that shit.

you can make a living off making video games. imagine how much money the GTA is making. there are FOUR of them. go to school. get programming skills. find job for EA or some company that makes video games...or, move to japan. work with nintendo...that would be badass...


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You shouldn't need to be obliged to do anything, just do what feels natural. Far too many people care about what other's are thinking, or try and live up to the expectations of other's. Life is short enough as it is, to worry about meeting obligations.


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I feel its necessary to point out there is no such thing as a scientific obligation, Science is nothing more than observation.
Also i think its good to point out which religion you are talking about, religious dogmas vary widely and so you could end up with some rather silly points being made like thus:

Religious (amazon tribe) obligation:

Cut own grandparents head of in order to empower myself

Social obligation:

Dont cut their heads off, its against the law

Religious (christian) obligation:

Kill all non-christians

Social obligation:

Dont kill people....its naughty!

The comedian jim jefferies put it rather simply, there should be only one sentence to live by: "Try not to be a c*nt"
Cant ask for more than that, can you!
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