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Socially inept

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I've recently been diagnosed, f'real. I've been prescribed Prozac, which I start tomorrow. The weeks leading up to the treatments were the worst I can remember, I felt horrible. And I couldn't take any action on that because things were "getting better".

I told 4 out of my 5 friends I was suffering depression and had been considering suicide, self harming for about 2 years, the whole lot. I got a lot of encouragement for about an hour, and then things just went back to normal.
Back to them going out at lunch and not telling me, leaving me behind for all the chavs to pick on, back to one out of five ever asking me if I'm OK, and when I find th courage to tell him "no, I'm not", he just looks at me and we both feel embarrased; he changes the topic.
I can't go to parties because I break down all the time.

It's as if I'm destined to become a serial killer of something. What do I do apart from accept talking about it will yeild no results, after 3 years of deliberating?


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Serial killers are antisocial not necessarily socially inept. At least you have friends. Sucky friends are way better than no friends at all...believe me on this. Hope the Prozac helps. Maybe you should also try to get into counseling for help with your social ineptness.


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Socially inept? Don't take any offense, but I'm not sure if its that serious if you have 5 friends, I have none at all. :sad:


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Socially inept? Don't take any offense, but I'm not sure if its that serious if you have 5 friends, I have none at all. :sad:
A person can have friends and still be inept in social situations like going to a party, school, work, etc. Although I agree that your social ineptness probably isn't an issue. At this point in my life I have no friends, and have never had a friend that I would confide enough in to admit I have suicidal thoughts. You should be lucky you feel comfortable around friends and can confide in them like that.

Actually, I doubt you are actually socially inept, you may however have avoidant personality disorder. People who are socially inept aren't aware they are socially inept because they think how they act socially is normal. You know that how you act in some situations isn't normal. I would suggest reading some of the diagnosis criteria for advoidant personality disorder and see how it fits you.


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Hi there DS sadly many people don't handle Mental Illnesse's to well for reason's that they don't understand about them,are ignorant toward's the illnesse's and also don't want to learn about them.It get's very frustrating with people's reaction's toward's having a mental illness,try your best not to let it upset you because it will seriously bring you down far to much and it will spiral on to other thing's.
I know it's hard but try to talk to the people who understand how you're feeling,people on the forum's,your Dr,therapist you know what I'm saying you aren't silly.I don't think you're destined to become a serial killer and don't think you've lost your mind or anything,it's not you that's doing it to yourself.As hard as it is buddy we have to learn not to be to hard on ourselve's,I've punished myself senseless for year's.
I'm alway's here anytime dude to lean a shoulder on even though I'm half a world away,nkrukato I'm your friend and I mean it.
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