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    do you go through extremes where you feel incredibly dull/vapid to exceptionally profound at times? My mind is like a total blank most of the time. I can barely speak a sentence in my mind or picture a simple object yet I can speak with exceptional coherence at times and have very profound thoughts and motivation with things that just come to me seemingly randomly (mainly things that serve in my own interest) I guess Dostoevsky's idiot was the same way. Exceptionally insightful yet mentally retarded in all other regards.

    I feel like an animal. blank empty mind and 0 emotion all the time. automatically display profound coherence and aptitude when something benefits me. I guess sociopaths are generally good at not looking like sociopaths so I couldn't possibly be one. I would like to know what's wrong with me though.
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    I would disagree that a sociopath is good at not looking like one, some maybe, but I think for the most part it becomes aparrent through time wether a person is one....
    Another avenue to look into is Asperger Syndrome, as there is a marked level of emotional difference, next to apathy from Aspergers.
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    I normally avoid giving out advice but I will make an exception this time, I had the same problem, profound thoughts would crop up now and again I would hold on to them like holding water in my hands while running through the desert.

    Write them down, if you're worried thast someone might read them you could start an online blog, google offer free blogs to people ( I think) and so does .. write your profound moments down and then go back every once in a while to read them, see if they still make sense or maybe trigger another profound thought. I wish I had done this sooner, I think I've thought of every profound thing I'm gonna think about and I have lost what I had.