solitary confinement

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    thats how i feel ,feels like im here alone all the time ,felt this way practicly from the age 14 ,no one to really talk to even tho my parents know how i feel i dont bother talking anymore ,if i do try to talk i feel im wasting my breath and its as if im blocking myself from talking and thinking about stuff ..strange!,i literally just sat in my room in the dark for like an hour and half ,feels like i need to cry but cant! get that that feeling but just nothing happens ,almost feel like im on the verge of some mental breakdown,i have nothing! ,same routine everyday dunno what im looking for or here for,feels so dull and empty, and i feel i shouldnt moan cus from an outside view ive got more than most ppl,health ,job ,pos car,family friends but just feel like im stuck in solitary confinement feel so lonely ,have friends but cant really talk with them have to put a brave face on ,just dont feel i can talk to them they have ther own issues like evryone ,i dont even know why i feel this way.i dunno ,just needed to try to put things into words and vent.
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    Have you tried talking to your doctor about this maybe you are suffering from depression. Tell professional maybe talk to psychologist even to see if therapy can help you You are isolating yourself not a good move Call your GP and set up an appt with someone just to talk about what you are going through okay get some help.
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    hi ,yeah been doctors ,i was on meds a while bk ,been on anti depressants and risperidone(very low dose) before for a kind of social anxiety problem which has mostly gone now,just the depression now but trying to manage without them ,just having these days now which im soo low ,think i may have to go bk ..