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I decided to go to see a professional doctor and get help for my conditions. I think that getting better is the only way I won't lose my friends. Even if it takes some medication to balance my irrational feelings. My greatest fear is losing the people closest to me. So I've decided to do this, for them and for me.
I wanted to post this decision so others can see there's more to seeing the doctor than beingg sick or weird. I know I fought for a long time, thinking I'd be "officially sick" or "couldnt handle my own elf", but it's not like that at all. It's just that we were born with some chemicals unbalanced (not our choice), and we get irrational feelings (not our choice) so we need to get help (OUR CHOICE) and then we can be happy with our friends and family (OUR CHOICE)! :) :itachi:
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