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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by MorganaNever, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. MorganaNever

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    I'm trying to find a psychiatrist now to help me with the issues like depression, putting my life together, dealing with a problematic relationship etc...

    I know very little about any practical aspect of this so if someone has any experience, please answer some questions:

    1. What is considered a reasonable price for sessions? One psychiatrist I found online seems ok but she charges 300$ for initial session and 200$ for other. I think I have to pay cash, I don't have an insurance so leave that now. It seems VERY high to me, so I want to know what is standard. I live in NY, Manhattan.

    2. If anyone here is from Manhattan or has any knowledge, is there anyone you can recommend? I'm looking everywhere so Im trying to make a selection.

    3. Any other advice connected to therapy or where to search are appreciated. I am looking at "Psychology Today" mostly.

  2. jimk

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    hi Morgana.. a psychiatrist can prescribe meds.. you say you suffer from depression and I have some experience with meds.. antidepressant meds can help a ton if the right ones are found for you.. have you considered a therapist instead of a pdoc(psychiatrist).. a regular doctor can prescribe psych meds at a much lower charge to you. especially if the GP doc has a little experience with these meds.. a therapist who is good and experienced can hlep a ton..

    takes awhile for them to get to know you and realize fully just what your situation is ... therapists cannot prescribe meds but they should be quite a bit cheaper than a psychiatrist..

    also if you can find a local mental health center in your area , they probably have both at a lot lower price for you. they often do sliding scale reduced rates as needed by their patients..

    having ssome competant mental health professionals in your corner can help an awful lot.. someone to unload on and them able to look at it all with some detachment and then try to give you some help.. a good professional mental health worker does not try to run your life.. they try to teach you how to help yourself in the long run.. also if the first one you see, rubs you the wrong way mightily then try someone else.. you are kind of the boss of all of this.. good luck with this.. Jim
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