Some confusion with my Ex.

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Rayne, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Rayne

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    Basically, my ex boyfriend has been sending me what I would consider to be mixed signals.
    We've been broken up for a long time now, if that matters at all. He's had at least one other girlfriend that I know of since, and I've had.. well, just more complications haha.

    We both said we'd still be friends after we broke up. Unfortunatly, I started to move into different groups of friends and we stopped talking as often. Having just started my last year in high school, though, he seems to have decided to strike up conversation with me again. The difficult thing is, some days he acts very flirty and others, while he isn't nasty at all, he seems to cool things down a little. Where he would normally be trying to constantly talk to me, asking for hugs and being caught by people staring at me when we're hanging out in a group, he doesnt seem interested in talking. Last week, two of my friends (without me knowing) asked him if he liked me after he'd been continuously offering me his jacket. According to everyone who was there he looked at me, then looked at them again but stayed silent. What does that even mean? He wasn't in yesterday and one of our mutual friends (who happens to be his best friend, at school at least) asked me if there was something "going on" between us.

    So does it seem like there is something "going on" to any of you, or am I reading too much into this?

    If it matters, it was me who asked him out in the first place and me who ended it.

    Urgh.. I really can't think straight about this and I'm not sure where else to ask, so any advice would be really, really great. Thanks.
  2. Nyu

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    hmm, that does seem kinda confusing...

    i'd prolly think the same though. if i was you, id be careful about getting too emotionally attached to him atm, since he may or may not mean to be sending u those signals. sorry, i suck at advice on guys lol. hope that helps though.

    btw, guys suck. hehe j/k, so dont let it get to you too much.

    i'm here always if you need anything though Lela :hug: