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    i got: seeker. and all this cack:

    You’re a Seeker
    Your positivity is infectious – which sounds a little germy. When times are tough you’re waiting with open arms and your best sympathetic face.

    You’re open to new things, and can be persuaded to try anything twice, all in the name of experience of course. We’ve got you down as a bit of a dreamer, you’re probably zoning out right now, PAY ATTENTION, and read on.

    When life gets tough you naturally switch to dark. You call it brooding, others see it as a trifle moody. Find a friend and offload, and remember no one wears lonely well.

    You might be dreaming of a little extra cash. Although it can’t buy you love (which is debatable), money can buy you time, and freedom, in the form of a two-week break to the tropics where phone signal is scant.

    Find an outlet for all that pent up creativity. If that means running bare foot howling at the wind, then that’s… er… cool, but also welcome a bit of structure into your life. Word to the wise: you’ve got good ideas, find your voice, but always take advice.

    You know how to naval gaze, ask all those deep questions and get in touch with the… you know… real ‘you’. Life is a gift, and you’re thankful. George Michael might not be the most reliable source but he was right about something: “you’ve got to have faith”.

    If you want a job doing… maybe ask someone else? You are so close to being a reliable grown-up, so it’s time to pull your socks up… or stockings. I mean, whatever you are in to.

    Seemingly you’re motivated, committed and equipped enough. You are a jack-of-all-trades but maybe the master of none?

    When you think a problem through and see a solution you can get frustrated when no one else sees it too (baring your gums gives it away). But unless they are mind readers you are going to have to learn to pipe up shy boots.

    An average day can pass with you sort of trying hard… if you... you know… really try hard to try hard: yeah we get what you mean. But you’re a bit too cool to sweat it. Now, we could tell you to reimagine your long-term goals (do you have them?), understand the wider impact of your decisions (did you make any?), but we don’t need to tell a dude like you what to do: you are heading in the right direction.

    Life is not non-stop excitement – and if it were, your heart wouldn’t take it. Sure some of us bore more easily than others but maybe, just maybe, you are being bratty. Handing out tough love today.

    Mornings come like a bolt out of the blue and leave you rushing to catch up. Keys? Phone? Wallet? Some clothes maybe? Nice.

    Downtime? Chin stroking, shoegazing, twerking, head banging or whatever: you get your geek on for the right groove.

    Things can always be put off for another 5 minutes, or for an hour, or mañana … or till the point of… forever. Getting you shifted sometimes is no small task, and that isn’t down to water retention, or heavy jewellery. No: the diagnosis is plain idleness in dem bones. Get the heart rate up above 60, break a sweat, or even stand up once in a while. Short of prescribing a rocket up… well, you know what you need to do. Only reward yourself when you eventually do it. We’re watching.

    Let's talk love. You are big on romantic gestures; but remember love tattoos are all well and good, but maybe wait till after date number 2.

    You believe in deep connections, and like to surround yourself with people you really understand and are sensitive to your feelings.

    Look down: your heart is, of course, there on your sleeve, plain to see. Maybe deep down there is a little part of you that actually believes in love at first sight – the optimism is cute. You trust your instincts and try to love without caution. As you stare into your lover’s eyes, you will try to guess what the other is thinking… probably ‘blink first’.

    Are you the type who drifts off while a friend talks to you? There is a bill to pay; dinner to make; a TV show to catch up on… Thing is you spread yourself so thin you’re becoming patchy. You can’t have it all. So choose.

    Oh, to be a little more impulsive. You could take that flight, go to that thing you always wanted… or would you just pop a wash on, have dinner and watch telly? Standard.

    A real gad-about, with the taste for the exotic; you like to clock up air miles like the rest of us clock up shopping points.

    You happily leave rickety shacks and dicey street food to the gap year crew. For you discovery means endless over-priced cups of coffee, drinking up local culture, and getting a city map out every five steps while squinting at foreign road names. Sounds like fun.

    Always hot on the heels of the latest fad: flatforms, parkour, grime, bluray, carrot-jeans, pelmets, haute cuisine, maybe even at the same time. Name it, you’ve done it. You are a forerunner and people watch you try things first – mostly so you look like an idiot before they even think about a dip-dye asymmetrical bob.

    Seems like you are ‘all about the music man’. You defo have a pair of earplugs to pop in when the sound get loud. One Direction, man – they really rock out, right?

    Put down the gilded harp and hold off on the bandit hold-up. Seems like you are richer in time than you are in hard cash. But money maybe is not the problem, more the goals you set your sights on?

    A stick drawing is about the most you can muster when faced a blank sheet of paper but don’t give yourself a hard time. The more you just do it, the less you hold back… well that stick man is going to get real good and sticky.

    Discipline may be a little overrated: don’t give yourself a hard time. If you feel like your hobby is becoming a test of your humanity maybe you’ve not found the right thing: it might sound obvious but you should be enjoying yourself.

    Like it or lump it, your regular life can be a bit of a snoozefest so it’s no wonder you’re craving escapism at times.
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    LOL - I took it- was interesting but really must say was way off - had both wife and daughter read it and both asked who took that cause was not me.....
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