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    I'll try to summarize my situation as much as I can. Although I'm going to leave some stuff out as it's hard to get everything down. Just a warning, there's going to be a fair amount of swearing.

    Basically, my mom has some health problems (we have an idea what's wrong, but we're not sure). The pain causes her heart rate to go up, and it exausts her. So she's unable to work in a particular demanding job.

    Our only source of income is child support from my dad and disability checks for my grandmother (who also lives with us).

    Suffice to say, we're struggling in many ways.

    We had medicare, but those assholes cut us off because of the child support. Apparently, we're just not poor enough for it now.

    My mom started crying today because of this. We don't know what to do, and now we can't see a doctor. She's starting to lose hope that our situation will get better. She said medicare was her last glimmering hope, something to that extent.

    Me, I was counting on universal healthcare to be implented (I live in the US). I figured that it would help. That's not going to work either now. According to my grandma, these jackasses didn't want this healthcare plan (even though it would benifit them too, the stupid fucks). So we're screwed, and so are many, many other people.

    I hate this goddamn place. I hate these goddamn people. I hate this whole fucking situation.

    I don't know what to do now. I don't think anything's going to get better now.

    There's very little point of typing all of this up. I guess it's just to rant.

    Just....fuck it all.
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    It is very hard to see someone you love suffer like that. You should be not worrying over things that cannot be changed US richest country but won't have universal health care i don't get it. You know who not to vote in next time. I am glad you can come here and rant get the anger out somehow I hope your mom can reach out to community services for help as well. take care okay things have got to get better soon.
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    I don't get the health care problem either. Heh, I can't vote anyway. Too young.

    Thank you for the kind words.