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    I loved you like no nother, I knew you like no other, you knew me like no other, I cared for you like no other, I helped you like no other non-professional, I was there for you like no other.
    Yet you left. Nobody wanted you to leave. Nobody. As much as you thought they did, Nobody wanted you to leave.
    Not a single day goes by without thinking of you.
    At least it's a comfort to know you went happy. You were convinced you'd go to a happy place and that comforts me.



    I never knew you, I never actually SPOKE to you, I never took a photo of you, I never shared my experiences with you. That chance was taken from me the day you got declared brain dead.
    Every day still my heart breaks by just the thought of the ice.
    I dont know what I'm trying to tell you. I guess I'm trying to tell you that I'm sorry if I had anything to do with the situation. :sad:
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    :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    :hug: Ester, hang on!
  4. Sa Palomera

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    I miss them :cry: :cry:
  5. danni

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    :hug: hang in there Ester
  6. Beret

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    Ester, please stay strong :hug: were here for you if you need to talk :arms:
    Lots of love,
    Beret xxx
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    It's natural to miss them both ester. Though you have no real memories of your mom, she was still your mom. You can grieve that which you didn't have ( a chance to develop a mother-daughter relationship) as well as the friendship you shared with a good friend. I know that neither of them would have liked to see you hurting so deeply, but you do, and that's okay. You need to work through this grief and maybe develop some ways to have positive times you think about them. Maybe a favorite dinner, or candle scent, lotion, flower, anything you wish. But have it be your own personal tribute. Stay strong ester. :hug:
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    Thank you everyone who's contributed to this thread. It's appreciated muchly :grouphug:

    Please do not waste your time on any further replies to this thread as I won't be reading them anyway. Thanks.