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    I've written hundreds of poems from the time I was 17 til just a couple weeks ago (will prob still write more just haven't for a couple weeks lol) but will just post a few here for now. If I decide to post more than that (ie. if people like them and/or want me to post more) I'll make a new thread w/ more of them ;) Hope you like them.

    1. Eternal Gratitude (Date written: May.20/13)

    Do you have any idea
    What you truly helped me discover
    And how eternally grateful I am to you
    You are so special to me
    Never will I forget
    How you helped me realize
    What I had needed to see
    For so long
    It may have seemed to be only a question
    But it was truly so much more
    I don't know if I ever would have realized
    Or figured it out on my own
    All my years of research
    Did not lead me to that answer
    But you did
    So it is now truly impossible
    That I ever could or would forget
    How much you have helped me
    No matter what happens now
    I will remember your priceless help
    For the rest of my life
    For always

    2. Good or Not? (05-15-13)

    Are you good
    Or are you not?
    I know it is not that black and white
    But I need to know
    Which one is more
    I do not want to waste my time
    If the good is not more than the bad
    I need to be loved and accepted
    I want to believe you would give that
    But so far I am not sure at all
    How much of that you would truly be
    The doubt is ever increasing
    Hope is fading
    Getting further away by the day
    You are not reassuring
    That is needed very much by me
    To be nurtured
    And understood
    And appreciated
    Would you give me those
    If I were to give you a chance
    Let you into my life
    Would you handle me with care
    Or simply destroy?

    3. Unknown reason (04-05-13)

    It seems it may be over
    Seemingly nothing but a dream
    Perhaps that's all it ever truly was
    It does not seem we were living in reality
    Nor in truth
    Or honesty
    We avoided too much
    Out of fear, doubt and uncertainty
    So maybe this is the price that must be paid
    Cruel and heartless it may seem
    Offering no true explanation, reason or resolution
    Without an answer
    Maybe one day we will understand
    So until that unknown day may come
    Perhaps all we can do
    Is hope
    Have faith
    And trust that what is meant to be
    Will be
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    poems of life i like them they are thought provoking
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