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    Darkest Pain
    shall i fall back to my darkest hours
    to releive this new pain
    the spacing and steamless showers
    i swear i was going insane

    the inevidable doom that awaited at my door
    was the object of my dreams
    so i try to face my fears as my blood falls on the floor
    my eyes filled with tears,
    and my ears of silent screams

    whether i fall back into that hell
    or stay in the one im in
    its if im happy that i fell
    and that i know ill never win

    so please don't push me now...
    im more fragile than i seem
    im standing at the edge looking down
    and wondering what new suffering tommorrow may bring

    its killing me to want what i cant have
    and to have what i cant want
    to be good among the forever bad
    and among giants to be the runt

    im running from a fear ill never see
    im chasing these tears with the sweetest lemons
    im falling into a dry sea
    of womanly men and manly women

    the end that is at the begining
    the middle that is underneath the side
    to be always losing while forever winning
    is the sudden death of my prolonged life

    Mystical Dreamer

    My smile is locked inside a prison
    where the sun refuses to shine,
    a victim of an ancient lore
    left from another place - another time.

    My heart remains a sanctuary
    My soul is kept in chains,
    those gentle dreams receding
    like the moonlight on the wane.

    On the island of life's sorrow
    I yearn for distant shores,
    for freedom from this darkness
    and segregation from remorse.

    In the valley on the edge of night
    those feeble prison walls remain,
    unbridled passions couped up within
    a living, breathing blood-red stain.

    My sweet pain

    There is no one to see me cry
    and now im lost in my mind.
    nothing could fill these empty tears
    these tears of pain maring my cheeks.
    harsh words of your hate are still in my mind
    Every night I sit alone crying over you.
    alone and scared not knowing what to do
    so i begin to hurt
    the only way of escaping is in this blade
    that will let me feel the pain
    that i feel inside

    But it's not

    I tend to stay away,
    So I can't see,
    I wonder what they think,
    When they look at me.

    I really hate myself,
    Feel so pathetic within,
    Feel so uncomfortable,
    In my own skin.

    Feel so ugly,
    To look at myself I can't bear,
    Try to avoid the mirrors,
    Really hate what is there.

    Because it kills me,
    Tears me up inside,
    I feel sick to my stomach,
    The spirit in me has died.

    No smile touches these lips,
    My eyes scream out pain,
    These wrists are bleeding,
    It's happening again.

    This heart is aching,
    And eyes also crying,
    I can feel it inside,
    Can feel myself dying.

    My head is spinning,
    Thoughts are breaking me,
    I feel so detached,
    Lost from what I see.

    Nothing will change,
    Although it's in the past,
    I need time,
    But time is falling too fast.

    And I'm stuck here,
    Just trying to forgive,
    But it's getting harder,
    The more I try to live.

    And everything I need,
    Is so far away,
    But it's not,
    Just not ok.

    comments wanted :smile:
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