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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by amber1993, Apr 19, 2014.

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  1. amber1993

    amber1993 Member

    Right I have a problem and I don't know of anyone can help me and I understand medical advice I need to see a doctor but I was wondering if anyone can help me as I'm sure most of you understand :(
    I have suffered since I was a baby with a underactive thyroid I was diagnosed as a baby, a under active thyroid is we're you don't have a hormone gland and my moods are very up and down but are controlled with medication. Recently I been down and I had a lot of trauma in my life when I was 15 and my mum was cheating on my dad and I had to keep it a secret when I told my family hated me and didn't talk to me, when it come out it turned out tr guy was a sex offender (pedofile) with mental health issues and used to cut himself a lot and my mum used to confide in me and it all went to court and we got to live with my dad, few years later my mum left this guy, but still effected me a lot . Anyway 5 years later I still get down I had therapy but didn't find it helpful, I been very down and been in the mental health unit a few times and the psychiatrists send me home even though I get sent there by my family because I keep cutting myself and wanting to kill myself. I don't understand why doctors keep passing it off as depression I was on anti depressants but I come off them as I didn't want to be dependant. I have spoken to a few nurses and they send to to be tested for bi polar and each time I get told I'm depressed but I have MANIC extreme mood swings and I seem to fit the category like it was written for me! But I feel that no health profession will help as I don't fit the criteria and am not rocking, talking to myself! I just want help and it's getting on my nerves that I hear the same crap again and again and again!! what point are people going to take me seriously.... When I get so down I kill myself? Or when I'm having such a bad mood I end up really hurting someone? It seems because I have a underactive thyroid they say it's all down to that? But is it though? Because I haven't always been this way! seems af if they pass it off on depression and my thyroid issue :( thanks for listening guys x
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I agree with you. Many people have underactive thyroid. It can be controlled by medication. And it will not cause manic episodes. Can you think of one person in real life who can advocate for you? Someone you can go to to help you through the medical / psychiatric system? I do not know what country you live in. I do know that there are advocates that can be contacted in certain countries. If you would like to say what country you are from, perhaps someone here would know of a phone number or website where there may be people who can help you navagate the system. But I do agree with you. Please keep fighting for the correct diagnosis and medications

    As far as what you wrote about not wanting to become dependent on medication, I do not agree with that. Sometimes the right medication can make the difference between living in terrible pain and living a life that is managable. Of course being dependent on medication to live a better life is a good thing, if the medication helps. And in many cases, it really does. :hug:
  3. Pink Teardrops

    Pink Teardrops Well-Known Member

    Hi Amber,

    Firstly I just want to say sorry for all you've been through.

    It seems you are caught in a very difficult place but I promise you there's a way to get all of this sorted.
    Firstly I think what you should do is find yourself a new doctor and show him/her what you've written here. Clearly explain how you're feeling and explain your frustration. If they feel it is still down to the thyroid issue then ask them to sort out your meds as they clearly aren't working. If they worked you wouldn't feel this way. I'm sure any doc would agree with that. Once medication is sorted and there is no improvement them go back and ask to be sent for a mental health evaluation. It's the only way to get a diagnosis.

    I hope someone listens to you hun, hang in there and remember you're not alone here.
  4. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Hi Amber,

    I have an under active thyroid and I understand your frustration that the first 'port of call' so to speak, is the thyroid condition. That said, it is very true that if your thyroid is not properly medicated it can cause major mood swings and depression so it is important to check that regularly; the medication needs for an under active thyroid can change quite quickly and there is little point in trying to treat issues unless the thyroid is medicated properly first.

    You say you came off the anti-depressants because you did not want to be dependent - that is a line that is said so often here and I find extremely frustrating. I am dependent on my thyroid medication to stay well. People with high blood pressure are dependent on their blood pressure meds to stay well. People with diabetes are dependent on their insulin to stay well. Nobody would suggest or condone "coming off" these medications because dependency is a bad thing. it is exactly the same with a mental illness. The notion that taking a tablet every day is a bad thing baffles me completely.

    If you came off your meds it is little wonder that you are extremely down; untreated depression is unmanageable. If medical professionals are sure that you do not have bipolar, I would be more inclined to try the treatments they are offering for the condition they DO believe you to have, rather than trying to diagnose yourself from reading lists of symptoms and deciding for yourself (with presumably no medical training) what medication you should or should not be taking. It is clear from your description of your current mood that your way is not working well for you.

    If the doctors feel the issue is with your thyroid, that suggests blood tests are showing that it is not being treated properly. Are you taking your medication properly? Get a blood test and work with your doctor to get it regulated so it cannot be cited as reason for your mood.

    Clear and honest communication with your doctor and accepting/using the medications and treatments offered is the surest way to feeling better. Stop self diagnosing - the internet can convince you that you have anything if you read enough symptom lists.

    Good luck and stay safe :hug:
  5. amber1993

    amber1993 Member

    Hello everyone thank you for your messages

    Yes I talk take my thyroid tablets/suppliments have been since I was diagnosed when I was a few weeks old :) but it the ain't depressants I come off as I felt they wasn't helping and didn't want to rely on them and think that if I come off them I wouldn't feel happy or "normal" if that makes sence. my thyroid has been tested many times and it come back completely fine and nothing wrong with it, this is why I'm getting frustrated because some doctors say I have a illness others don't and I just want to get help because it's so so frustrating. But I'm hanging in there and won't give up till someone helps me so I can live the life I want to without these strange thoughts and actions and mood swings. Xx hugs xx
  6. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I am glad you will not give up. Have they tested all your thyroid levels? A full panel? My doctor decided to not test anything but TSH because it came back as normal (with medication). But the other levels were not so good. If she had done a full panel she would have found that out. A naturopath ended up testing all the levels. T3 and T4 were not in the normal range. Even though TSH was.

    Also my adrenals do not function well. Which is not so uncommon. They too are part of the endocrine system.
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