some people are so....

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  1. White Dove

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    hum, how would i describe it??? not sure what to call it...

    you ever had someone think they know it all and think they are right about everything? i mean really think they know it all and if you were to say something different then there like well we know better or our way of thinking is the best or??/ you know what i mean??

    just cause they think they know more doesnt make it so..

    well you know what i do about that? just ignore them, they aint worth my time you know?? i got to stand up for myself and quit being victomised by these typs of people.. its like all they do is go around trying to either inflick pain dileberatly or they do it out of spite..

    i know whats truth and they dont. they think they do but unless they are living inside my body or know what i am dealing with then how could they ever know??

    i am just gonna let it go from now on... think what you want to think believe what you want to think, doesnt make it so and no amount of your thinking can ever change the truth and that i am deadly sure of .. i know it and God knows it... enough said....
  2. WhyMeWhy

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    I actually know a person like that! I'll be driven over the edge if I can't ignore all the BS I get from them, always having to be right and worse: always wanting me to agree that they are right. Pathetic I'd say.
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    yep truly so..

    best thing to do is ignore them..

    heck my own younger brother is like that sometimes..

    see my car was messing up and i told him it was the timing chain about ready to break , well he tells me its just the fuel injector , now get this hes a macanic and drove it down the road and tells me it is a fuel injector going bad, well i buy a new one, and put it in my trunk so i can have it on hand when it does go out, get all the way to cookeville and my car just so happens to die at a red light, well my brother comes down there, puts the fuel injector in it and tries to start it nothing, right?/ so we have it pulled home ( 96 $ ) to pull it 45 miles , but anyhow pull the timing chain cover off and guess what, the timing chain is broke.

    but you know before that thing broke he argued with me a long time saying it was not the timing chain because he was a mechanic and just knew it all.. well he was wrong that time and i had the joy out of making him feel bad for a while because i was right.. and me a female lol