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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by crackedglass, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    I would just like to post a few of the poems i have wrote both old and new some of them are about child abuse they may trigger but there is nothing really gorey in them. Please could you tell me what you think of them.
  2. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    When you look at the sky what do you see?
    Children? Brothers and sisters playing rambunctiously,
    Chucking a frisbee, kicking a ball,
    Then along comes a tackle and down i'll fall,
    Jump back up, brush yourself down,
    I'm off for another round,
    What lies next? Nobody knows?!
    Keep an eye and watch me close,
    Then, and only maybe,
    you'll get an insight into what goes on daily.

    (poem 1)
  3. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    A slap, a whack, a punch in the face,
    I need to get out of this hellhole place,
    Mum, dad ranting n raving,
    Was i misbehaving?
    All i want is some love and affection,
    Is that to much to have some protection?
    Do i deserve it?
    To be really, badly hit?
    All i wanted was some love and affection,
    Was that to much to have some love and affection?

    (poem 2)
  4. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    Have you ever felt the sharp prickly bristles of the broom,
    as the hard wood hits your skin and you fly across the room?
    Have you ever felt the cold metal of the radiator as your earring gets knocked through your ear,
    the blood trickling down your face and the pain is to much to bear?
    Have you ever felt the stinging rippling sensation of the brush,
    as you get hit repeatedly on the head until all you see is fuzz and you go to mush?
    Have you ever felt the force of a grown man's boney knuckles as you are getting punched in the face,
    as slowly second by second your losing conciousness and you cant remember a trace?
    Maybe you have or haven't but please spare a thought for a poor defenseless child,
    and the deadly wrath of it's crazy parents o so wild!

    (poem 3)
  5. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    I placed all my hope into you,
    I thought you was different.
    You was the reason for me to try.
    You are my reason to live.
    Now you are gone there’s no hope.
    No point, no fire burning.
    I am broken into pieces beyond repair.
    The remaining pieces of my heart shattered.
    All I wanted was you, but that will never happen.
    I can say sorry a million times but it wont change.
    I would say I have hope but I’ve learnt its an illusion.
    I don’t see any good in this world,
    However there may be nothing for me but I wish you the best.
    My one, my only, my hope, to escape this rotten world.

    (poem 4)
  6. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    Eleven weeks and two days, I had the time of my life.
    I felt like I was living a Cinderella tale.
    I was the belle of the ball with you my loving prince.
    We swirled and twirled whilst cuddling, kissing,
    And most importantly caring for one and another.

    We laughed and giggled, chuckled all the time.
    When we were apart we longed to be together.
    Every other weekend was mine and yours time.
    Where once again we could fall into each others arms,
    And there I felt so safe, so safe I could fall asleep.

    Sleep the whole night through knowing you were there when I woke.
    I used to wake up with hope believing you are mine.
    Mine for all time, to love and care for through our future.
    It wasn’t until today that the little hope I held,
    Was shattered into tiny little broken pieces.

    These pieces cannot be fixed, forever will they remain.
    Inside of me, with the regrets and our happy times.
    It is amazing how a perfect fairy tale can,
    Can go so wrong in just a few moments of anger.
    We ended our tale on thirteen, a number that strikes fear.

    But this doesn’t stop my heart, beating love for you.
    I think of you twenty-four seven, and it hurts so much,
    I wish it could still be, because you are my whole world,
    My mouth can get the better of me but to you I swear,
    I care about you more than my mere words can describe.

    (poem 5)
  7. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    I am still that little girl
    That little girl that is scared of what hurt lies next
    That little girl that doesn’t want to be here
    That little girl who’s insides are screaming to give up
    That little girl that’s flame has gone out
    That little girl who doesn’t believe in love
    That little girl that gives up
    That little girl that tries to cling onto the tiny piece of hope,
    But then realises there is no light waiting for her.
    I am that little girl that cannot be fixed.

    (poem 6)
  8. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    What happens when salt loses pepper?
    What happens when sugar loses spice?
    What happens when bread loses butter?
    What happens when naughty loses nice?

    What would Laurel be without Hardy?
    What would Bill be without Ben?
    What would a pirate be without ar’ me hearty?
    What would nine be without ten?

    What is love without lust?
    What is me without you?
    What is Jordan without her bust?
    What is old without new?

    All of these things come in pairs.
    Some people may not have a clue
    Just like a step on a set of stairs
    There is no US without U!
  9. Hazibell

    Hazibell Well-Known Member

    Hey hun! I think you are rly talented at writing! And im proud to be the first one to comment! Keep writing when you feel bad! xxxx
  10. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

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