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  1. I hope no one minds, but I thought I would post some poetry here. perhaps some will identify with it, and others won't. Though I do welcome some criticism.


    Life is pain, flowing through my veins
    Crimson thoughts laced with black desire
    destiny, fate, a pile of shit...
    nothing left but thought.

    The sorrow pulsates in me,
    like some insect trying to hatch
    a parasite, my thoughts.
    They betray. How can I trust me.

    What is left at the end.
    Emptiness, perhaps my saviour.
    Crimson pain, gone, flowing freely.
    I watch it flow down the drain... the end...
    the end of my problems.
    Blackness a blanket, comforting
    Bring me to eternity.

    Written by Nicholas A. Knight
  2. People

    Peoples hands forever near me,
    my thought's not my own
    Why, why do they play...
    this little game in my head.

    Cut them I will with a knife,
    Cut the fingers from my mind
    The sorrow from my heart
    Show them...

    the error of their meddlesome ways
    show them the pain they give
    bring them the same
    give them medicine.. make them see
    make them understand.

    Written by Nicholas A. Knight
  3. Lost in the Memories
    Bitter winds of memory
    I wander in the dark..
    treading winding paths in my mind
    that I have long forgotten.

    Stumbling along,
    I find the garbage
    once thought lost
    feelings, memories, love,
    is it all a lie?

    Lost, How did I get here.
    Where am I going?
    Does it matter?
    Does anyone mis me?
    Does anyone know I am gone?
    Here in the dark....

    A comforting blanket forgetfulness is,
    using it to cover the hurt.
    The cold reminders a distant memory.
    Easily forgotten.
    Perhaps I will forget myself
    ... in time.
    Perhaps others will forget me,
    ... or already have.

    Where am I, lost in the memories.
    Who am I, forgotten in the hurt.
    Why am I, Better not to ask....
    for in the end, I am just who you want me to be.
    Proper, a good person, a good man...
    Inside I rage... lost in the memories.

    Written by Nicholas A. Knight
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