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some pointless post

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:sad: :mad: :cry:

dont you know how hard im trying not to give in. dont you know its only because of you. you ask me to talk to you..how can i when all you do is put the guilt on me. i know. you know i thought i couldnt possibly feel worse about myself. congratulations. you proved me wrong. bye then.


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know we're probably nt in the same ituation right now but i feel exactly like that right now. i'm sorry you're syuck where i am - probavbly in a worseplacereally. sorryfor the writing too ive had too ,uch to drink. please talk about whats wrong, wnat's happened,. sorry again for drunk. i do care

:sad: just someones keeping me here making me feel so guilty and bad about myself, like i didnt already..:sad: :sad: feel like they make me make all these promises..not to leave, not to SI etc then just leave. they cant even make the same promises back. not that id ask. because thats wrong. and does not help. never mind i guess this is my punishment then. no less than i deserve.
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