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Some thankful thoughts.


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I would never cross the line into breaking the rules here and I do know somedays I bashed out or let out my steams in here and recalling back, sometimes those felt backfired to me cause I’m like really surprise that some of you guys actually allowing me to express anger and then you guys really meant that apology. Its so different in real life. I’ve been questioning what sorcery is this? Then, with that gave me an open mind to turning over a new leaf, I kinda learn to express my feelings about someone in real life too which actually is the reason why my friendship rekindled with Daniel. (Though, he’s the only one I did too) I’ve always thought when I’m mad at someone they’re gonna hate me cause I’ve always live by the extreme. I still have yet to learn to do this. Kitty learn. 😺

Its honestly hard to be honest with anyone if you’re really angry with them. Expressing anger is never easy for me, one of the reasons why I tend to lose friendship.
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