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    Somethings wrong with me bad style. Il give you a little brief on me, im 17 livin in Manchester UK. Iv only had 2 g/f in my life and they both were short relationships, i consider myself fairly avg looking with a avg type of body really. I tried joining up for the army but wouldnt you belive it they told me to fuck of. For the past 5 years iv had serious depression and iv told noone about it everyon thinks im happy which is far from the truth. Recently more than other times iv just broke down and cried usually late at night, know from a outsider looking in i have no problems, i just got a job at a bank, i have a family and i hav a few mates and no debt probs but i dont know iv never been really happy iv never had or rememberd a day where i was like uno wow really feeling happy. I dont know whats wrong with me im just wondering if my problem whatever it is is worth seeing someone about or seeing a pshyciatrist or somthing (sorry about the spelling) i have tried previous suicide attempts but my parents didnt know as they failed patheticly anyway was just wonderin if it sounds as if i should see someone or just live it throu thanks to anyone tht replies to this
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    Personally, I would see someone.

    It's not always possible to get over these steep hills of tragic depression without a bit of a boost from someone else. Especially if you've been suicidal at times. You wouldn't want to drastically send yourself over the edge when you haven't yet tried all your options. Therapy may do you some good. You may be able to get better, but you won't know that until you've exhausted each of your alternatives.

    It's up to what you think, though. Whatever's best for you. Just make sure you're taken care of.

    Anyway, sorry you've been having trouble; I hope things look up for you soon. :hug:
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    Aww. :hug: I agree with everything said above.
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    Yer thanks i thought i should im booked for this weekend hope it works
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    Good luck.


    I'm around if ya needa talk.