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Some thoughts on Degeneration

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Wispiwill, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Wispiwill

    Wispiwill Well-Known Member

    There are many forms of degeneration. Some are more publicised than others.

    Degeneration of the Mind - where your memory and self slowly slip from you until you end up as nothing more than a shell being helped with every function. Lost to your family and friends and, to many, considered a burden.

    Degeneration of the Body - where your body betrays you leaving you trapped and aware but unable to do anything. A life sentence from which the only possibility of parole is to be helped to die - something that's often illegal.

    But what of Degeneration of the Emotions - where slowly your ability to feel slides from you until you are...whatever you are when you have no emotions? When you look at the world and it's flat and has no more meaning than watching tv. This is not recognised or talked about despite the fact that, without emotions, it's hard to interact with others - to socialise or to find meaning. I think, in it's own way, it is as debilitating as the other more recognised forms of degeneration.

    This is something I've come to realise recently. I cannot be healed without the help of others - someone I can be truly myself with - and I'm too badly damaged to be anything other than damaging to anyone I would try and be truly myself with. I can't make friends. I don't know how - if I ever did. It's a catch-22.

    I have been, and always shall be, alone. It's time I accept this.
  2. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    But there is a brighter side to this, although what you write is true. :)

    I think it's in line with the 2nd law of thermodynamics - that any system left to itself - without the intervention of a greater good - will degenerate.

    The brighter side is - 'without the intervention of a greater good'.

    And, being human - one thing about being human is that - as much as might protest that we cannot or do not believe it - IT IS POSSIBLE TO LEARN NEW THINGS.

    It is possible, therefore, to learn how to have a new mental attitude.

    I reckon, that is what all of us who write in here are wanting to know, and wanting to know how to get, so we can do.......

    God, I know it is hard. It is the hardest thing we ever have to do......to learn how to take control of our own thinking when we know it's not doing us any good.

    Emotions are not our thinking. Our thinking affects our emotions. The way through is to not allow our emotions to be the head, and the rest of us, the tail. Cos that's like the tail wagging the dog........

    I know this is hard too - especially for women who place greater score (emphasis, generally) on their emotions to guage where their life is at.

    The "I can't make friends, I don't know how" thinking is not doing your emotions much good, you know this already. So, if you also can accept that changing your thoughts will start to bring in fresh, healing emotions this is always the start of the upward spiral out.

    I hope you can accept this Wispiwill and that, on paper (or on screen) at least, the theory does make sense :)
  3. Wispiwill

    Wispiwill Well-Known Member

    Our way of thinking is like a groove - the more use it gets the deeper the groove is engrained into our very being and therefore the harder it is to get out of it. It requires constant effort in order to carve out a new groove and occassional slips back into our original pattern of thinking are almost inevitable. Having someone to talk to - to remind you and point out when you've slipped - would be helpful to many - including me. As I have no such help, I must continue as I am as I am not strong enough to do as you suggest. Nice idea though.
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