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Some thoughts....

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Shogun, May 15, 2009.

  1. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    I wanna "let this all out" in the "let it all out" section because this been bothering me for some time.

    This is just one reason why I will never reproduce

    I don't think anyone will deny the bad outweighs the good in this world. Everytime I read a news site I see someone has robbed a bank, shot their homie, raped an innocent woman, pick pocketed a civilian and used his/her credit cards to buy crap with. Just log onto any impartial local news site and read the headlines, the bad outweighs the good by an incredible margin.

    Why would I wanna bring a child into this shit?

    A couple of years ago a lover I was having regular sex with fell pregnant, but she ended up having an abortion. I told her at the time that I'd support her through any decision she makes, but looking back on it, man that was a close shave!! Who'd wanna be the reason to bring another life into the shit that is Earth?

    I've given up having meaningless, no strings attached sex with people I barely know these days as I prepare for my suicide.... a suicide that Christians assure me will lead to my burning in the lake of fire for all eternity. Cheah right.... like life is any better. So there's no point in going for the snip, but if I planned to live I'd book an immediate appointment because I think the very worst thing a human being can do is reproduce.... unless you live in some crime free paradise that I doubt exists.

    Crime effects practically every human being on the planet and it fucks the victims of the serious cases up immensely. You never get over the humiliation of being robbed at gunpoint and I'm willing to bet you never get over the humiliation of being raped. It stays with you for life... and for what? A few dollars/pounds? A bit of sexual gratification that you can easily achieve with your hand?

    There is absolutely no excuse for crime. Poverty? Weak excuse! There's always somewhere that'll employ you if you don't walk into the interview acting like a thug.

    I admit I worry about crime more than the average human being does, but this isn't what life is supposed to be about.... looking over your shoulder to see if that unruly gang of teenagers are getting closer.

    Most breeders reproduce and don't seem to care how their offspring turns out these days. They don't teach their kids that gunning someone down over something minor effects the whole family of the victim.... for life!

    Why do breeders do it? Why reproduce when all that awaits the children is a bad world where it's kill or be killed? Dog eat dog? I don't expect an answer to those questions because none of it makes sense.

    Criminals seem to be rewarded too... not always, but one case is too many. How many killers have gone unpunished? The Zodiac killer was never caught, maybe he's lying back somewhere sipping champaign while the families of all his victims are suffering. Women throw themselves at criminals all the time, drug barrons rewarded with girl after girl after girl while good guys with shy personalities who abide by the law fully, who would give anything for just one girl to look in their direction, get nothing.

    This world is the most fucked up place imaginable and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    The End.
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  2. Bubble

    Bubble Well-Known Member

    I am actually sorry you feel this way, but i do feel necessary to give you my point of view on this topic as it is close to my heart.

    Yes it can be unfair, But there is still some good out there and its a wonderful thing bringing a child into your life, needing you all the time and looking up to you as a role model.
    Some people make bad choices with their lives, which can easily disrupt the mental growth of their offspring. But is there any reason to use the word 'hate' when describing people who decide to have children?

    Many women feel naturally broody when they become an adult to have children, yes not everyone has their motherly instincts but some do. Its part of our species to reproduce you cannot deny a woman to have a child purely based on what may or may not occur in the near future.
    If we base our lives on the bad we will never see the good, I think its a sad life to lead if you never do anything you want because you think this world sucks so badly.

    Im unsure as to why you tied criminals and reproducing in the same rant but yes i agree sometimes our laws do unjustice to those who do bad things but there is no reason why they should ruin our lives for us. We shouldnt have to look over our shoulders just waiting for the next bank robbery, shit happens, we just need to move on.

    Personally, I have children because I feel the need to be a mother. I found my calling as a mother, I am constantly studying and learning more everyday on how to bring my children up fairly with an understanding on todays society as to hope to not bring them up in a "dog eat dog" world as you so eliquently put it.

    I would also appreciate if you didnt use the word "breeders" you make us sound like dogs.
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  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    And exactly how many newspapers would be read or news sites opened if they only reported about all the good in the world. We have brought it upon ourselves by having such a warped fascination with the mordid and disgusting things in this world.

    The good is out there just dont rely on the damn news to give it to you. Go out and find it yourself. And you will find it!!! The little kids that set up a drink stand and give all the monies to a local charity. The people that volunteer their time to find a missing child. The thousands of people everyday that donate money to countries after a major disaster. The people that spend endless hours helping out at those sites. The people that serve and run the local shelters and soup missions. And it goes on and on and on!!

    Nope you dont read about those people because too many people want to know all about the family that was killed or what kind of monster does such a thing. And the damn newspaper will stop at nothing to bring pictures to the front pages of ther rags to keep people glued. Or about all the political misdoings that are happening in each and every country. Oh yeah front page news for sure. Wasting space on people that we vote in to office so that all the lies they spewed during campaigns can now be brought to life!!

    I dont get the paper and stopped watching tv about 3 years ago. Havent missed a damn thing. The world still turns, the days go by. Hell maybe if the world was to end tomorrow I'd get an extra day because I dont read or watch the news(lmao).

    I follow the stuff that happens in my own little community. The good deeds one neighbor does for another. The people that are tirelessly donating time to help reconstruct the local community club. The little girl that grew her hair forever so that she could cut it off and donate it to the cancer society for a wig.

    And the most alarming thing of all.... these wonderful people were all once infants. That's right from the scum of the earth these people have some how managed to grow from infant to adult and still be able to share good with others. So please before you dis' all us "breeders" take a long hard look behind the scenes that unfold in the news!!! I know I have 4 wonderful children that I know one day will be sharing goods deeds with their fellow man and woman!!!! All big journeys worth taking start with baby steps!!

    As for the world being the most fucked up place imaginable.... it will be if everyone takes the stance that you have that there isnt any reason to try and change it or any reason to take the responsibilty. Try living in it instead of being afraid of it. Instead of giving up on it try to do something to change the shit that is happening.
  4. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    This is part of the reason that I will never have children. Not specifically because of crime, but because I have had so much difficulty in my life, in the structure of our society, that I could not imagine making someone else go through the same. Part of it is because all of my immediate family has mental disorders and/or depression of some sort, so it seems likely that any child of mine will have something similar. I decided long ago that if I ever want a baby, I'd rather adopt.
  5. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    On the one hand where I agree with Shogun I also agree with Itmahanh and Nicothodes.

    I used to feel this way about reproducing, bring children into a world to suffer at the hands of all the evils that surround us like crime, poverty, rape, abuse, mental illness and so on.
    Similar to Nicothodes my family all suffer from mental illness and depression and various disorders of some sort. So more than anything it SCARES me to produce yet another one who will just end up like the rest of us. Although I would love to have children.

    And the main reason I'd love to have children is, who will stop all of this shit?

    Someone gave birth to Mother Theresa and all of our saints, all of the people in this world who do good, fight against injustice, all of those people who are trying to make this world a better place, who strive and dedicate their entire lives to good. Someone out there gave birth to them.
    And I would love to give birth to yet another.

    I didn't have the greatest upbringing, but I fully intend on changing that with the generation I bring up. I know everybody doesn't get it right, but all we can do is try.

    Itmahanh is so right as well, take it from me. 90% of what the media will publish is the bad things that surround us.
    When a politician does something positive, do we hear about it? No! We only hear about it when they are stealing our money or involved in some scandal or other.

    I'm not saying these things don't go on, but the news is centred around the derogatory and it always has been. Even celebrity magazines and real life magazines are the same.
    Heat Magazine - Who has got fat & looks bad in their swimsuit, Who has been dumped, Jade Goody is dead etc.
    Womens Own - I lost a breast, My son was killed by thugs, My husband cheated with my Mother etc.

    People seem to materialise towards the bad because it makes us feel better about our own lives. If we wrote about positivity, nobody would buy it!

    When you think of breeders next time. Think about the Mother Theresas of the world, that might help you see there is some good in humanity, even if you have to avidly seek it out. It's around you.
  6. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Although the media has limited control how things are worded, shaped and moulded as well as what news is brought to our attention, there is also good things happening out there.

    As for reproduction, it is true that some people do not look after their off-spring nor do they teach them good values. I can only speak for myself in that who am I to say whether they are allowed to have children or not.