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    should not enjoy my self. today's example of this was me spending about 7 hours today playing video games. haven't done this for a while and figured i deserved some fun. the end result was that i missed an email for a club here at the university. i am trying to build my social network here at the university and gain more contacts. this club is important for my goal and that email stated when and where tonight's meeting would be. therefor my lack of discipline and unneeded enjoyment contributed to me missing something important.

    the opposite example of this would be a email i got monday. over the past week or so, i have been working on my classes properly. in theory my actions accumulated in to an email that stated i would be given an internship for an internship in one week.

    so in light of the evidence, i have determined that for me to succeed i must not enjoy my self...i can easily deal with this if i can also rid my self of my hatred and anger. well see if that happens.

    wasn't really sure where to post this.
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    I think there is a balance between the time keep the email window open at the bottom and see what comes in while playing...J
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