Someone asks you to buy something for them

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  1. yous

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    I just want to get someone's honest opinion on here so I'm not overreacting.

    If someone, whom you don't know very well (only met them briefly like 3 times at a party and once in an event) asks you to buy them something (they'll pay you back) just because they know you will be at an event (and they won't) - do you find this rude?

    I mean they are not even my family member or long time friend whom I would do favors for. Plus I have a lot on my mind when going to my event, the least I'll be thinking of is being responsible and going out of my way to get someone (whom I don't know to care that much about) something and having to bring it to them when I fly home. It's long distance (flying via airplane).

    Anyway, do you find this kinda rude from somebody I only know as an acquaintance? I mean maybe they think I'm their friend, but I'm certainly no errand girl. Even friends, unless a really great one, won't ask you to go out of your way to get them something. I find it rude. Plus this is a guy asking me (girl) - not sure if that makes any difference, but I find it strange.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this and why would a guy ask a girl to get them something. It's not the first time for me either. I had another guy ask him to buy him something (he paid me back), but we hardly knew each other (we never met, but spoke a lot online).
  2. Terry

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    Well I wouldnt say it was rude per se, but I certainly wouldnt want to be buying something for a relative stranger. :eek:hmy:
    Who knows if you'll ever see the money for it and there's the inconvenience of having to hunt the thing down.
    Personally, I'd decline politely and walk away.
  3. IV2010

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    I agree with terry 'yous'...
    I think they've got more cheek than an elephant :)
  4. TheLoneWolf

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    Seems rude to me. I would never ask somebody that I didn't know very well to buy something for me, guy or girl. And if someone I didn't really know asked me to buy something for them, I'd probably be quite rude and tell them "buy it your damn self". You shouldn't be anyone's errand girl unless you want to be. Those kinds of favors should be reserved for good friends and people you like and care about.
  5. Sephaus

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    I wouldn't be willing to do that for someone I haven't had a chance to get to know very well.