Someone broke into my car.. :(

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    Thursday someone broke into my car. It was *on* campus, yet the campus patrol officers have nothing to show for whomever did it. It slipped my mind to lock my car, as I was in a a rush to get to the university building to sort out next semester. :'( They stole my bag, phone, and even ripped my car charger out of the lighter outlet. I don't care that he took those things. I mean, yeah, it sucks, but I can get over the material things. What I can't get over is the fact that 90% of my pictures of my grandma was saved on the SD card (save a few that were on my laptop), and the last messages she sent me before she died. I've talked to Sprint multiple times and they can't do anything to get my pictures or messages back. I had insurance on my phone, so I've already got a new one, but I can't believe her pictures are gone....and I can never get them back. I keep beating myself up about it because I should have locked my car. I have no excuse; it was my fault. It just seems like every time I feel like I'm picking myself up, someone kicks me back down. I trust no one anymore And all of this has made me pessimistic and really upset for the past few days. *sigh* Just had to let it all out. It's just been a really bad week.
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    Oh hun iam so sorry you had that happen. I hope the rest of the week is better hun