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Someone finally said yes

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I was unemployed for a while and this girl worked at this place that helped people get jobs. Her and my mom got along, and my mom basically asked for her name, so I searched her up on facebook. And I waited to ask her out until I got my first job and paycheck. It took 3 months. But I asked a couple of days ago and she said yes, she seemed really interested in it also. I thought she would be upset since I searched her up on facebook. This is the 1st time a girl said yes in about 8 years. I'm not going to write back right away because i'm kind of excited. In the past few months good things have been happening. I never thought I'd get a job but I finally did, And now I finally got a yes. And in a way my mother kind of helped me because she played a role in this. Who would of known my mom would lead to me getting a yes to a date offer. Well hopefully something good comes from it.

I had a pretty rough past 2 years, dealing with being unemployed, single and dealing with depression, but things finally seem to be looking up.


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That's wonderful! I'm so glad things are going so well for you.
And thank you for posting this, because positive posts like this from people give me hope that maybe eventually things will turn around for me.
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