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someone help me

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I had a nightmare last night. That the guy who raped me came back and raped me again. OVER AND OVER AGAIN! i am at school now, and I am completely breaking down. I can't look at anyone without seeing him. In my dream he went to shoot my fiance and I shot him. But, the point is, I am scared. every sound I hear makes me jump and I can't stop crying. I am so fucking scared that it isn't even funny! SOMEONE HELP ME!


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this is a very common thing i am sorry to say... do you think it is a possibilitiy that he will find you.... have you spoken to police... can you think of what will make you feel safer like
a self defence class
or a security system.. there are these very inexpensive things that go on the doors and windows ... they are magnetic and when the connection is broken the ring out... loud
can you move in with someone
if you can figure out what will make you feel safer and do it ... that is a start... r u seeing a therapist....
maybe talking to someone from a rape hot line might help...
hope things ease up for you.. i understand how u r feeling...
This is a common thing for those who have suffered a traumatic event, so what you are going through is "normal". There are cping techniques you can learn to use to help you become grounded when these flasbacks or nightmares happen. A therapist can help you explore these options and find what may work best for you. Do what you can to make yourself feel safe. :hug:
hmmm...i checked out the link, thanks thinker! I don't know what to think of it. And, honestly, if I don't remember it, i can't learn from it. And, what if it takes away other memories too, like my good ones...I just don't know.
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