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Someone reassure me that ECT is worth it.

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I have a consultation on the 29th. Know that I'm manic-depressive with psychosis, and am currently having a lot of difficulty with suicidal impulses and wishes. My head hurts. I want to die more than I want to live. I spend most of my time in bed, but I can't sleep, even though I'm exhausted. I feel the urge to cry for no apparent reason. I know enough about psychopathology to know that I'm exhibiting classic signs of a major depressive episode.

Anyway, I've heard ECT can help with all of that. Is this true? Does it take several sessions, or could I feel a difference on the first session?

I don't know if I can wait that long, even if it does work. I'm so sick. So hopelessly sick.
My mother and sister had it in the past and it did help them. I dont know how many sessions it would take for you, I suppose it depends on the person.


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I've heard really good things about it. And that it can have an impact after the first session.

I have heard of people who it has worked miricles for. But unfortunatly a few years later they got depression quite badly again and asked for it straight off as they knew it worked but the docs wanted to exhaust other options before going down the ECT route.

Go to the consultation and take a list of questions you have.



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You know, if this doesn't work, that's it. I'll have exhausted treatments. I've been on a plethora of meds and combinations of meds, I've seen multiple therapists, I've been hospitalized, I've been to the ER, I've tried parasuicide, I've tried cutting, nothing does it. Nothing saves me.

I feel an utter indifference to the happenings of the world around me now. Either they shock me back to normal, or I'll check into some isolated motel and ease my heart to quiet sleep.
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