Someone sensed my pain today.

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I had rather a remarkable little incident today. I was waiting at a bus stop for a bus (obviously) with an elderly woman i'd say around late 80's.

I of course was my usual emotionally f**ked up self thinking about pain and suicide and bieng paranoid when I noticed she looked at me for a few seconds straight in my eyes. The look she gave me was a warm look and she said to me "you dont like yourself do you." by this I was kinda took by surprise yet kind of wanted to tell her the truth. I looked back at her and smiled and said "no."
she then said "I know. I could sense your despair." by that I kind of smiled at her again just kind of happy someone else could understand me. "your a handsome young man... dont worry you'll be fine." then she smiled at me and I smiled back and said "thanks." shortly after the bus came.

This little account brang me understanding from people. I think the fact she was elderly and was more experienced in life and people probably gave her the wisedom of knowing what a person in despair looks like and of course was kind enough to talk to me a little about it which i'm willing to bet probably alot of people couldnt tell or even care if they could.

Do you people think other random passers by or other people in your vicinity can tell if someone is in pain inside? like in despair? like maybe its a 6th sense.
Your thoughts please.


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I think that most people are capable of seeing another persons despair and yet they don't. It's generally easier for people to ignore it and get on with their own lives.



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yeh thats true I guess its also because these days they also would be too afraid to... bieng I might be some psychotic heroin addict or something who might plunge a knife into them or something equally as nasty as that.
some people and many elder people, can sense when a person is emotionally hurting, maybe because elderly people have seen life and know what to look for when someones hurting inside, its a remarkable thing but some people can sense these things, maybe people are just good at looking for the signs or maybe the person trys to cover it up so much that it doesn't work.


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People can sense others pain if they are open to allowing the feelings in. Just as you can see happines in someones eyes, you can also see sorrow. Many refuse to acknowledge it out of fear, I agree. Some just simply do not want to take the time to get involved. I am glad the elderly woman took the time for you milkdrops. Take care hun. :hug:


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Thanks for all your replys. I think alot of people complain about this world bieng hell because of all the terrible atrocities and hurt bieng committed over the world weither it be killing from wars or just people who are out for themsevles and dont care about others but one thing i've also learned from growing older and a little wiser is yes theres alot of pain and hurt in the world but theres also alot of love and alot of caring people out there. Even some people who live in poor countries with absolutley nothing who have been through hellish times, are still loving individuals who care for others. Its facinating.


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Hmm interesting....

As far as if they can I have to say yes. Some people will know. But not from a sixth sense really. Just from your body language the way you look and act. They might have experienced it once themselves... experienced it long enough to know when someone else is feeling pain.


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I think a lot more people see things than we realize, but everyone is too self-conscious to say or do anything, a lot of time we look to others to do something, but if everyone does that, no one does anything!!

But that's a good story, I've had that happen to me but not with a total stranger.


Often you can tell when someone is thinking as said by body and facual expressions, but they're are also people that believe in people having a 6th sence of picking it up "empaths"

Ofcourse alot of people pick up on this, but alot of us don't really know how to react to it. i've seen many people that look down on themselfs, but i wouldnt want to intrude on them, but as it seems to make the worlds somewhat i nicer place, might give it ago naxt time
I think old people really have the possibility to see if someone is in pain, not by the body language, but by actually looking in the eyes. Everyone has seen the glowing eyes of a very happy or excited person, I guess the eyes of a depressed person are just as extreme, but not glowing, just empty...

My grandfather, may he rest in peace, was the person, that had most knowledge about people, that I have ever met. He could tell from a glance about how a person is feeling, it was amazing...

Well, my eyes have been very empty for quite a while now (even though I have so many things that should make them glow), my friend has realized, even though she's only known me for a year now. But we're pretty close by now, and she kind of has some issues herself, so maybe she can sense that. Also, I think women are better in seeing that kind of problems than men are (i'm not too good with it, even though I have had many friends who were depressed and suicidal, and I myself was / am, too).
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