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    Right now someone , somewhere in the world are horrifically withdrawing from their poison in a jail for days climbing the walls of solitary confinement, with no fresh air, just the stench of suffering haunting there broken spirit desperate to end it, but they took there shoelaces and theres no way to do it. Time is there worst nighmare going nowhere as they pretend to sleep forever and attempt to ignore the horror movie playing in there mind infecting evert fiber of there being, there certain this must be hell and that there cursed terrified at the possiblity of there brutal existence being worse, tourchering them over and over again in detail reminding them of every mistake they have ever made and all the bad things they ever done and the good old days that can never come back but just as painful memories forcing a futile desperate hope for a time machine or if only they could start again and this could all just be one big worst nightmare...

    Somewhere someone is hungry and a deep emptiness
    Weakens them to there core.
    I'm glad I'm not them because I felt that pain before.
    Convinced i could bare no more...Some say there peckish...some say their famished...most say there hungry for more and ignore the poor...Most have forgotten there starving on a myriad of levels from love to spirituality its not really for me to say whos more in need of being fed and that there almost dead....

    RIght now someone somewhere has got the worst toothache they've ever had in there life!
    And no painkillers to take the deep ache away...but to rock in misery cradeling their jaw... I'm glad I'm not them because I felt this pain when im moaning about the pain i think i feel im in i should refrain and stop compulsive complaints that toxically taints like a self fullfilled phrophesy if you doubt ├Żou go without if you beleive you receive....

    Someone...Somewhere ...just now... has broken thier ankel for the firsttime in there lives and was prior unaware of the existence of such incredible pain and has just been plastered up if there lucky and given crutches for mobility and must learn to cope with the new struggle of getting from A to B or simply just making a cup of tea and hopping up and down the stairs,or
    Out of bed and into the shower becomes a major new struggle and infact is more painfull than the break itself and is long and cumbersome... I know, because I've been their...It's one of the worst things that has ever happened to me... baring in mind that it could always be worse and suffering in silence is the worst human curse.

    Someone someplace is cold to the bone and can't find no warmth or no love and no home..
    Id rather be homeless than feel so alone. The fear of the coldness is worse than the truth certainly hurtsI but to always be frozen with fear is deffinetly worse Im gratefull I'm not them right now and hope they find warmth soon! lest it envoke the grim reaper...
    I know this pain there's nothing like it...theres nothing worse than the road to your heart going cold the longest journey is from our head to our heart Not waiting impatiently to get old

    Someone somewhere is desperatley thisty and deeply dehydrated and hasn't had a drop of water in days and would drink water from a toilet if given the oppurtunity this is one of the worst pains I ever felt... I'm glad it's not me today because I felt this hideous pain myself and looking back in hindsight most of what ive presented as my unfair brutal suffering were just opportunities for character building for out of the darkness comes the light,no pain no gain as ome cannot exist without the other and i cant know real joy without having felt great pain for as deep and as broad is your suffering. shall be your comfort...x UB3
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    you write so beautifully
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    I liked it, well done.
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