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someone tell me

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can someone tell me what there is to live for? besides my very few friends who live far away who cant be here when i need them..i need someone by my side but im not getting that..i have noone in my area who will console me and i just cant stand being alone like this..someone please save me :cry: :sad:


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Hmmm when those feelings hit me... I play video games... a good RPG.. yeah that gets the mind going... I absorb myself into the universe.... and before you know it those emotions are bottled up elsewhere festering as a mental illness... but lucky for me I let them out from time to time... so when you start to feel that way know that the comfort of a fantasy world that you partially control is waiting for you


The biggest loser ever to live.
I feel that helping out others is a very good feeling and I think that might make life worth living. I find it a great feeling to play with little children and babies and make them laugh and be happy.
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