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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by notmyrealname, May 12, 2008.

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  1. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname Well-Known Member

    Under this waxing light
    Your eyes are opened
    All cosmic questions answered
    All earthly answers given

    Its funny how it ends
    The fleeting answers fade away
    That fleeting thought abandoned
    The waning light that's riven

    The smoke of consciousness shimmers
    Across the veil of happenstance
    And you see what you have come to
    What you take before the night

    The light you seee before you
    As it sets it grows so dark
    The bright you have inside you
    Bursting to alight

    The dim you've got to go by
    Grows lesser in your eyes
    You've got to look behind you
    To feast on that small speck

    It's got to be a joke you say
    The grain of hope inside you
    It's a secret you tell noone
    It's a prayer you keep in check

    You see a path before
    It veers off in any way
    Except the one you don't see
    The one behind your gaze

    You take a step and then another
    You've got nothing left to fear
    Every twist ends in paradise
    But just out of reach in haze

    The glimmer before you is gone
    It's night every way you loom
    You've finally found a home
    Under this darkly moon

    (I'm not entirely what I'm trying to say exactly with this, but it wasn't until I previewed the post that I realized it ended in darkness :()
  2. I really, really liked that! Except for the end, it reminded of a ton of Yes music (you may not have heard of them). So much of their music over the years has been about finding that inner light or a glimpse of it - trusting it, following it. And yeah, though everything else might disappear, may in fact likely be only illusion, the inner vision is a glimpse of the soul. (I hope this doesn't sound like "holy-roller" crap - it's always been far more spiritually transcendant and 'universal' than, ahem, "religious").

    Your last part made me really really sad, remembering my own "Dark Night of the Soul" - when the one thing you believe is real, fades and seems to disappear. And yeah, you're left in an even darker dark than before (though some say this is necessary for the soul's evolution - totally destroying any shred of "ego" - which only and ever gets in the way).

    Anyway...I'm sorry for rambling *blush*, but your poem just brought back so many very deep and personal memories - and really touched me. And I hope you see that 'light' again, I truly do...
    (*especially the last part of the song - "turn around and remember that...standing on sacred ground...")

    Other than that...

    Your poem...
    just wow...
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  3. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what to say. Thank you so much :shy:
  4. Hey - you're in very good company...
    Yes have been around for 40 years!

    (I'm still ah-mazed at your poem...)
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