something i hadn't heard about...

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  1. first post i think mabye second so i guess HI all!!!
    was talking to psych lady the other day sorta new councillor type lady i never know the right title to give people. well she asked me what i hoped to get out of therapy etc... after a bit of an introductory chat she mentioned that mabye it wouldnt be all that helpful and id possibly need something more. she then went on to mention a sort of inpatient type program which lasts for three weeks, where u have the whole doctors, psych ppl etc.
    so thats pretty much what i know about it. now i think about it its a bit like the whole voluntary hospitalisation thing except more of a program i think it sounds a bit like a depression/mental health issue rehab... leastways the long and short of it is i havent really heard of anything like this before and i was wondering if anyone knew much about the whole concept?
    sorry if its been totally confusing my listening skills werent to great on the day. i could probably just ask her next visit but im insatiably(excuse my spelling) curious and i have a tendancy to quit therapy etc soo this seemed easier
    thanks muchly :)